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Sad Emotions and Losing a Loved One

Sad Emotions and Losing a Loved One

by Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought, 08-24-2017

How do you deal with the sad emotions when a loved one dies?

What you have to know is that you are also going to die when your time comes along. When that times comes, if you were a good, clean, TRUTHFUL and sincere person, you will not be overcome by the fear of death. You will appreciate going to a different universe where those that you’ll meet will welcome you and your presence among their experiences.

That universe is the Spiritual or DARK Universe, and you will be welcome there forever. You will experience the peace, harmony and joy that those who have gone before you already participate in. Therefore, always be kind, honest and generous to others who will become very important in approving the kindness that you have demonstrated about your presence on Earth.

Know that everything you do towards kindness is recorded, and the evidence becomes very clear that you are a kind and generous person. Your kindness follows you with Spirituality. So even when you die and become a Spirit, you will continue to enjoy that kindness with other Spirits. Therefore, kindness is not anything new to you. It is something that has existed within you even when you were a physical person.

The edict of kindness that you have demonstrated will live with you as a Spiritual being. You, as a physical person, were very intelligent to maintain a Spiritual quality that has continued to dwell within you.

No one will destroy that edict that you have demonstrated. In fact, people must know that an edict of kindness is a condition that emerges with everyone at birth. It is not imposed on people at the time of their existence as a physical person, but it is a quality that we are all born with. We must follow this quality all the time, not just assume that it will come to us by chance.

It is worthy to know that Spirituality does not come to you when you are dead. It’s there all the time. You must be comfortable being sincere, honest and TRUTHFUL because it is a part of you. If there are people who do not want you to express those qualities, then you have to leave them alone and find a way to express them through others who sincerely need you to be as good as you are. You will find that your good attitude is welcome by those who are Spiritually evolving.

Now is the time, in the physical world, to know that you have to be acCOUNTable for everything you do as a person. This is because when you become a non-physical being, you will become either a ghost or a Spirit. And it’s always better to become a Spirit than a ghost.

As a Spirit, you are always very secure to have continuity as a Spiritual being.

But when you become a ghost, you will never ascend to the quality of goodness that you never had as a physical being. Since you never had the good and clean qualities of someone that will become a Spirit, you will continue to suffer when you become a ghost. As a result, you will suffer with what you did or didn’t suffer from as a physical being. When you become a ghost, you will always suffer from what you did wrong as a physical being.

But, as a Spiritual being, you will never suffer from any of the tragedies of a ghost. You are now ready to exist in another world that is set to elevate you to the Kingdom of Goodness. That Kingdom is what people call the Kingdom of ‘God’. If you happen to go to that Kingdom, it means that everything that you did on Earth was full of good, honor and honesty. That Kingdom is where you will live forever. This means you will enjoy the peacefulness and stability that longevity offers.

But are you going to live forever?

Yes you will, and you will live in either a pleasant way or in a very horrible way. This is why people always talk about “hell”. Those who are wicked on Earth will visit hell, where they will burn and burn and burn. We have to realize that people go to hell because they are doing wrong. It is why we all have to know that we have 2 brain hemispheres, the left and the right brain hemispheres. One makes us emotional and the other makes us logical in whatever we THINK.

When we become emotional, we forget about the other side of us that requires us to be acceptable to other people’s attitudes. If other people’s attitudes are unpleasant, we leave them alone. They do not match what we deserve in our THINKING.

However, if our thinking is also unpleasant, we get to the point where we do not qualify ourselves of the Goodness that is necessary for a Spirit to exist. Now, we have a difficult time understanding where we are going to be. Are we going to be a Spiritual being or a ghost? Now we are in a very difficult situation because we are in doubt of where we shall be in the future.

The two brain hemispheres, which are your left and right brain hemispheres, must always be united for every THINKING that you do. If you decide on THINKING about the quality of togetherness, than peace is going to follow your thoughts.

However, if you decide on just how you can please yourself and forget about everyone else, then your thinking is selfish and illogical. Now you have a reason to consider your thoughts as unworthy because they no longer include others in what you think.

What you THINK must always consider others as worthy and deserving of your good thoughts. This is how you will become appreciated by goodness because you are already including others in the goodness of your THINKING.

Always consider being thoughtful of others… and goodness will follow you.

How do you consider death?

What we have to realize, then, is that death is not at all a bad thing. But if you become a ghost, it measures how the bad things you did affect you now that you have become a ghost.

Death is, thus, the continuation of no longer living as a human being, but as a ghost or a Spirit. Death is considered a transformation, and you have to make that transformation worthy of what you were as a human being.

If you lived as a human being in a terrible way, your transformation, then, will not be good. You will suffer as a transformed human who did not wish to die at this time, because at this time you are now exposed to what you have done wrong when you lived as a physical person. That transformed human being will then become a ghost, who will have a different place to go to. That different place is what people call ‘hell.’

When you become a ghost, this means that your left and right brain hemispheres had failed to coordinate themselves properly as a human being. As a result, you incorrectly made choices that forced you into taking actions that were wrong. For example, you exploited the goodness of others to make your own existence more valuable than what other people’s existence was. You also cheated others when you didn’t have to.

On the other hand, if you become a Spirit, your existence becomes a valuable evidence that you were worthy of everything you did to others as well.

Becoming a Spiritual being is only leaving a physical environment and re-entering the Spiritual environment from which we each appeared from DARKNESS as an infant through our MTHR’s womb.

Certainly, the transition is a sad one for you when someone you have known for years dies. When that person leaves, there is a connection that is lost. However, we should never be totally grieved if we know that that person is going to an environment where he or she shall live forever pleasantly. This is the reason why it is important that we each act in a very good manner so that when we become Spirits, we won’t face any condition that is imposed upon us through the evil we did on Earth.

In other words, our existence on Earth is an experiment that requires us to act in a very good manner. We must know that everything we do to another person will always appear after our death. We will have to show why we were so unkind to our fellow humans. This is how Spirit verifies that it was connected to a person whose behavior was sensible or not sensible.

Our Spirits are constantly recording what we do right and what we do wrong. Some people’s Spirits have little or nothing to write about the wrongs they did. Their Spirits will not have enough documentation of wrongs to present to “God,” and they will easily enter the Spiritual realm.

Others, on the other hand, will require days and days… or months or years… to unleash the bad behaviors that require a great punishment. They will not enter the Spiritual realm, where those who did good have a place to live. Rather, they, with the bad behaviors, will be led to hell, where they will exist as ghosts and burn and burn and burn.

We must know that our existence on Earth, therefore, is an experiment to determine how good or bad we exist. If our behavior has been bad, then we have to present a very long list of the bad behaviors to the God that will question whether we go to heaven or hell. This is important because our death actually explains our ability to exist forever in either a pleasant way or in a very horrible way.

When we die, and become Spirits, we shall no longer need material things nor shall we require things to protect us, etc. We will live in an environment that has no rainfall, no sunlight and no need to buy food. It is an environment in which we shall never feel hungry nor desire to go to places. Rather, we will have the ability to travel to anywhere we want to go instantaneously.

Spiritual existence is a very good existence only if you prepare yourself to be a good and clean Spirit by being good to your fellow humans. But, if you did not prepare yourself, then your existence as a ghost will be very worrying.


Be good and goodness will follow you. –Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought.


Copyright © 2017 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.


Most People Are Afraid Of Death


Most Black people are afraid of Death because they are actively being conditioned to fear the consequences of death. Religion teaches that death will be a judgment where if they are determined to be unworthy of God’s grace they will be dammed to hell. If they are good enough to be among the chosen few then they will live in paradise forever where they will have everything that they ever desired in life.

Dohgons believe that Death will be a rebirth, or transcendence as birth is for the Soul into the Spirit. Like butterflies goes through a rebirth without actually dyeing, in the same sense Death is just a transition from one energy type to another. In Death my Spirit will resonate with the intangible Pure Energy Waves that flow infinitely throughout the Universe.

In simple terms it is a reversal of the process that I was created by. The physical universe was created by Pure Energy. To create the physical universe Pure Energy went through a permutation process. That permutation process resulted in the creation of sub-atomic particles of Matter. The creation of the first sub-atomic particle initiated Time and Time created space as it multiplies.

Every Star is a particle generator and astonishingly every Brain is also a particle generator, quantum physics. They say that 80% of the light in the universe is missing. That is because they keep searching for light and nothing else. The universe is not empty space as some would have you believe. It is Pure Dark Energy that fills it up as Time infinitely multiplies.