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A new city classification method shows Southern African countries more urbanized than thought – UN-Habitat

LUSAKA, January 2019 – Countries in Southern Africa define their urban or rural areas in diverse ways. Current approaches use criteria such as population size and density, administrative functions, economic purpose and political delineations. This significantly affects both the number of urban areas and the share of population living in such areas in these countries. When a common approach is used to define urban areas, the sub-region is more urbanized than previously thought. This discovery was unveiled during a technical workshop held in Lusaka between 22 and 25 January 2019, and attended by representatives from 12 countries in the sub-region. These results were based on application of a unified city classification approach known as Degree of Urbanization (DEGURBA). Based on this…

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Kuwait okays $2b loans for African countries

The Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Nigeria, Abdulaziz Albisher, has said that the Emir of Kuwait has approved $2 billion as grants and concessionary loans to African countries.

He said the loans, reserved for investment and development, will be spread over five years.

Besides, the envoy said that Kuwait has initiated another Annual Prize of $1 million for researches and research projects on agriculture, health and Ebola eradication.

Mr. Albisher, who made the disclosures at a pre-58th National Day interaction with select media in Abuja, urged African nations to take advantage of the loan facility.

He said: “Kuwait has always had Africa at heart, that need not to be underlined, for it fashioned numerous contributions and initiatives meant to enhance…

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No payout for East African countries when disaster strikes

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When a long drought hit the Sahelian states of Niger, Mauritania and Senegal in 2017, the African Union came to their aid with an over $25 million insurance compensation package.

None of the East African Community member states, in similar circumstances, would have attracted the same support.

The reason? None of them has ratified the African Risk Capacity’s (ARC) treaty that seeks to help the AU member states become more resilient to extreme weather events.

ARC director-general Mohammed Beavogui disclosed that two countries including Rwanda, had committed to ratifying the treaty before the end of this year. He expressed the hope that many more members would soon come on board.

The claim payouts are made by ARC’s affiliated mutual insurance company, ARC Ltd…

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Commentary: How African countries can ‘leapfrog’ the fossil-fuel based growth strategies of developed countries | N…

How African countries can ‘leapfrog’ the fossil-fuel based growth strategies of developed countries

By Carlos Lopes

This article was originally published in CNBC Africa. 

Carlos Lopes is a professor at the Mandela School of Public Governance at the University of Cape Town, High Representative of the African Union for partnerships with Europe post-2020, and a member of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate

This week, heads of African states are convening at the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where they will discuss the African Union’s strategy for socio-economic development, known as Agenda 2063. This agenda casts a vision of inclusive growth and sustainability, in the face of the growing risk of climate change. It is true: rising global…

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Caribbean countries to benefit from new global fund

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ACP Secretary General Dr. P.I, Gomes (left) at the launch of the ABC Fund (ACP Photo)

ROME, Feb 15, CMC – The Secretary General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group, Dr. Patrick I. Gomes, says the newly launched Agri-Business Capital (ABC) Fund with an innovative approach for attracting much needed capital for developing countries could have a transformative effect in rural poor communities.

“Our African, Caribbean and Pacific members have great expectations of the ABC Fund .We look forward to having the fund respond to specific needs in the three regions and supporting the implementation of our new approach to structurally transform the ACP agricultural sector,” he said.

“This fund, which aims to contribute to wealth and job creation, particularly for our…

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US Military Aircraft Head to Caribbean Countries – Cuban Foreign Ministry


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Havana blasted what it presumes is the US government’s move to perform a military op in Venezuela under the disguise of a “humanitarian intervention”. President Maduro’s government, which is still in power in the country, has said it doesn’t need any help from the US, and that Venezuela has enough resources to cope with the crisis on its own.

Cuba’s foreign ministry has reported on flights made by US military non-combat aircraft from American military bases, where special ops units and marines are based, in the direction of Caribbean states,  which Venezuela notably belongs to. The military units that the said bases house are known to be conducting “covert operations against other countries’ leaders”, the statement reads.

“Between 6…

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