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Black Conscious Racism

Over the past few years the Black Conscious movement has been growing by leaps and bounds; mostly with the help of Social Media. At the same time that Social Media is helping the movement, it’s also exposing many of the psychological traumas that exist in Black people.

Without fully understanding how the Mind and Brain works however, many observers including many of our own fellow Blacks are labeling people involved in the Black Conscious movement as racists. Are they correct?

Any sane observer of the state of humanity will conclude that the Black Race functions in a depressed state compared to most other races. Some observers will deduce that the disadvantage is due to centuries of exploitation at the hands of Racists.

Some ideology driven observers however, will take the opposite position and conclude that the depressed state of the Black Race is due to Black peoples own inability to compete in a world built on “Survival of the Fittest”.

Observation is one thing but living at a disadvantage is another. It is a built in trait of human nature to exist in a state of freedom and happiness. The founding fathers of America recognized and reserved that condition to be an Inalienable Right of all its citizens. To expect someone to exist any different would be unjust of the perpetrator and mentally retarded of the victim.

As Black people, do we consider ourselves mentally competent or retarded because it would seem to me that Black Consciousness is Black people becoming aware (woke) of the pitfalls of an oppressive society.

Consciousness is generated by the Human Conscience, which is an instinct installed in us by the Spirit of the universe. When someone, Black or white is truly Conscious they have no choice but to function with Fairness, Equity, and Accountability. It is only Human Desire that fights against our Conscience.

Desire is the primary driving mechanism of Life. It is the force that makes us pursue happiness. It is also why some humans can be happy while oppressing others. Desire gets out of control without the active influence of our Conscience.

Are you a Black person who considers yourself conscious but you want nothing to do with the so-called Black Conscious movement? If so then understand that your Conscience is the reason why you feel the way you do. You don’t want to hate or be Racist because you want to be a better person than those who are hateful and racist against you.

Should Black people wait for time to erode the unethical treatment inflected on us by other races. Or should we continue to endure oppression in blissful self-righteousness? I say Time is the deciding variable in the equation. We are humans who don’t control time so we cannot depend on anything other than ourselves to achieve happiness. Neither Time nor wishful thinking can break mental chains.