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Should Black People Feel Sorry For Asians?

The Covid-19 pandemic is known to have originated in China. Ever since this revelation, Asians of all nationalities have been experiencing various levels of hatred from other races because as we all know, it doesn’t take much to revert human nature from friendliness to animosity and of course, there is no race more malicious than Caucasians. So, now that Asians are feeling the pain of white hatred, should we as Black people feel sorry for Asians?

Hatred against Asians has risen a thousand-fold in the past year. Most Asians are not Chinese but since hatred and ignorance are directly related, all Asians are being scapegoated for causing the pandemic, which has transformed the social and economic order of every society on Earth. Verbal abuse and physical assaults against Asians in America turned deadly this past week as six Asian women were shot and killed by a white man in Atlanta.  

Asians are now crying out all over Social media and many have taken to marching in the streets to protest against racism. For a seemingly passive race of people, they sure have woken up to the reality that racism is not something to ignore or partake in. Although they have experienced severe racism at the hands of white people before, they have chosen to blend into every white community like Chameleons and support racist economic and political policies that disenfranchise Black people.

Asians have also blended into many Black and African countries where they are known to engage in exploitative and unethical business practices. In China last year, thousands of Black and African people were deported when false rumors began to spread that Black people were disease carriers. We know that not all Asians are bad but isn’t it funny how the tables have turned against them and now they are getting a taste of the hate that Black people have had to endure from them and other races.   

Our conscience dictates that we should sympathize and empathize with anyone who is experiencing injustice. Most people believe that their conscience is being influenced by their god, therefore they will allow themselves to express empathy according to their religion, which is totally wrong because as we all know, many atrocities are being carried out in the name of religion. True empathy cannot be selective.

For example; many Asians are Christians yet those who are expressing hatred towards them are also Christians. So, where is the disconnect? The disconnect exists due to the main flaw of religion, which is the encouraging of a competition to become the most righteous in the eyes of our various gods. Some races believe that they are righteous by default and some believe that the ability to endure pain is a golden pass in the competition. It is a crown of thorns.

Either way, the pain of victim-hood is too physically and mentally severe to endure so most people will cry out in despair and forget their religious illusions. Black people have been experiencing physical and psychological pain at the hands of other races for so long that most of us have become numb and indifferent to our own pain and the pain of others. Those of us who are sworn Christians have fully adopted the principle of forgiveness by believing that pain is a thorny crown of purification.

Do I feel sorry for Asians? Well, based on the principles of the HERU Interface of Black Consciousness, everything in life is a learning experience. I believe that Ethics is the most civilized human pursuit and since Ethics is a product of Conscience, I do empathize with Asians in their plight against racism but I hope that their pain will encourage them to become more ethical in their dealings with Black and African people.

Why Terrorists Hate You

Terrorists: Islamic extremists

You: Christians, Jews, and other Infidels

3rd Person: AfRAkan infidel using Dohgon Wisdom to decipher reality

A bus loaded with Christian tourists stops at a checkpoint while on its way to visit an ancient Christian Monastery in a small Egyptian town. Suddenly a group of armed militants appear out of nowhere and opens fire on the bus killing dozens of men, women, and children. The aftermath is heart wrenching and when you hear about it all you can do is sit back and ask yourself; “why are they so barbaric?”

In a quiet English city on a warm spring night a crowd of happy concertgoers stream out of a stadium at the end of a Pop concert. Suddenly a suicide bomber detonates himself in the crown. Dozens of men, women, and children are killed and dozens more are injured. The aftermath is heart wrenching and when you hear about it all you can do is sit back and ask yourself; “why are they so barbaric?”

The Sun has just gone down in a peaceful French city and hundreds of locals and tourists are out strolling the boulevard. Suddenly a large delivery truck speeds up, jumps onto the sidewalk and begins to plow people down. Dozens of men, women, and children are killed and hundreds more are injured. The aftermath is heart wrenching and when you hear about it all you can do is sit back and ask yourself; “why are they so barbaric?”

All these acts of terror have you traumatized now, haven’t they?. You’ve become scared, fearful, and hateful of them. Your government trauma councells you by telling you that they are vigilant in monitoring all threats to your security. Furthermore, they tell you that in order to do a proper job they are taking away more of your personal privacy and you agree. At the same time you search for more comfort from your so-called experts as to why terrorists hate you.

Your so-called experts tell you that the reason why terrorists hate you is because of their religion. They say Islam encourages backward, uncivilized thinking, which produces hate toward Christians, Jews, and all non-believers. But, while it may sound good and comforting to believe that your enemy is not as civilized as you, I am here to let you know that it’s all rubbish.

If Muslims hate you, why would they choose to live next to you? Muslims have been living in every western country for hundreds of years. They may be your Doctors, your Lawyers, and even your Politicians. They are no more uncivilized than you so what is the real reason why some Muslims become indoctrinated into extremism and resort to terrorism?

The real reason why terrorists hate you is because of the Territorial Instinct of all living organisms. The same behavior you see in most animals toward each other when they try to defend their territory is the same instinct in humanity. We are all born with an instinctual Fear of Death so we create bonds for psychological comfort. We bond to others according to family, tradition, and region. Then according to the societies we exist in, we bond to others according to Race, Religion, and stature.

Notice that most people who die from terrorism are Muslims themselves due to sectarian differences. The Sunnis hate the Shiites and vice-versa but they often live and interact together in the same country. ISIL, the #1 terrorist organization in the world today is comprised of people from both sects. They just choose to forget their differences for the greater cause of creating an Islamic State, free of Western influence.

So, the reason why a Muslim born in England, France, or America and infused with the ideology of Freedom and Happiness, would become a terrorist is because of his or her Religious, Racial, and Territorial bonds. They are thought that their Spiritual homeland (Middle East) is being destroyed and taken over by Jews, Christians, and Big Business. The thought generates hate within them. They surpress their Conscience until the Devil takes over. Then they use their extreme self-discipline to sacrifice their life for the cause of restoring Religious, Racial, and Territorial dignity.

Islam takes the blame because it is the most disciplined religion. It you don’t understand psychology all you need to know is that Muslims take religion very seriously. The Quran, which is their holy book, must be memorized at an early age. Prayer must be performed 5 times per day and every tradition must be practiced including fasting to build the self-discipline needed to neglect personal needs for the needs of their god, Allah. Christianity used to have similar disciplines, which have now been eroded by Humanism. Most Christians only attend church now to try to offload their sins.

The reason why Terrorists hate you is not because their religion instructs them to do so. The real reason is because of their Bonds and their desire to defend those bonds using the tools that their religion has given them. You may feel a certain level of security but if you live in a multicultural society that is made up of people of all races and religions, be careful who you offend because you never know who or how someone might choose to defend their Bonds.