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Afrakan Child Scolds Society On Pedophilia


This child is refreshing to watch. She is smart, confident, and bold. Commendations must be given to her parents for encouraging her pursuit of wisdom at such an early age.

She hits all the points that pertain to the subject, specifically the main argument often given by Pedophiles that it’s a cultural tradition. She speaks for all women and girls who are fed up by letting men know that morality must trump tradition.

We know that although Pedophilia is universally outlawed, it still exists in most if not all countries. It is either practiced in secret as rape and abuse or as cultural and religious tradition. The main argument for Pedophilia in many parts of Afraka is that child marriage is a tradition.

We know that it is of critical importance to maintain our traditions, especially in this age of increasing exposure to foreign culture. We have become so easily manipulated by music, fashion, and movies that some of are even adapting the psychology of other races too.

Even so, Afrakans cannot maintain the excuse that sex between an adult and a child is an ethical practice once it is within the confines of a marriage. Girls need time to develop physically and hormonally so that they can become independently productive members of society.

Gone are the days when women were expected to stay in the home while their husbands went out to work to provide for the family. The male dominant conditions that produced dependent females are no longer present therefore; the need for child marriage is no longer relevant.

We have heard the argument about independent women being the downfall of society and we are not amused. That is also the excuse being used by unconscious people who rely on religion and culture to function.

If the unconscious among us had their way humanity would still by living in the Middle Ages. Women would still be blamed for enticing the desires of men and men would be still be trying to fulfill their desires by having sex with children.

We must fight the desires of life by heading to the moral advices, which are being generated by the Spiritual essence of the universe within us. Only then will a child not be able to reprimand our conscience.