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FEATURED: SBFIC pushing for capacity development in East African microfinance sector | The New Times

Heads of Micro finance institutions from 5 countries in East Africa on the 3rd December 2018 convened in Kigali during a 2 day Regional Network for the East African microfinance Capacity Development (NEAMCD) workshop to share updates and to discuss on coordination issues.

The workshop organized by the German based organization “Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation” (SBFIC) attracted member from national bodies of capacity development, Rwanda Institute for Cooperatives Entrepreneurship and Microfinance (RICEM) and members from the National Umbrella of Associations of Micro Finances from 5 countries in East Africa, representing more than 1800 financial services providers: Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

The event follows the signing of a memorandum of…

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African countries test their capacity to respond to a deadly global flu pandemic | WHO

Brazzaville, 4 December 2018 – A simulation of a response to a deadly global flu pandemic involving more than 40 countries, including 10 on the African continent is taking place 4-6 December, 2018. This highly complex exercise is coordinated by the World Health Organization’s Global Emergency Operations Centre (WHO EOC) and by the EOC Network, a  network of health emergency operations centres.

A century ago, a devastating influenza pandemic swept the globe with unimaginable speed, and wiped out at least 50 million people.  The 1918 flu remains one of the deadliest outbreaks on record.

“The threat of a deadly pandemic flu outbreak persists and it is essential that countries in the African region strengthen their capacities to respond by participating in these simulation exercises,”…

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Capacity Up Down Under for Royal Caribbean Brands – Cruise Industry News

Royal Caribbean Cruises will have five ships in the Australia and New Zealand markets during the 2019-2020 season, according to Susan Bonner, vice president and managing director.

The Royal Caribbean brand will return with the Ovation, Voyager and Radiance of the Seas; Celebrity with the Solstice; and Azamara with the Quest.

“Sailing from October to April 2019-2020, we will have approximately 250,000 lower beds in the market, up 8 percent from 230,000 beds this coming season,” Bonner said.

“Over the holiday period, we carry more families with children, and consequently our actual guest numbers will be higher than our double occupancy estimate.”

Bonner added: “For Royal Caribbean, about 85 percent of our guests are sourced in Australia and New Zealand.

“When it comes to Celebrity…

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African Risk Capacity Becomes a Member of the World Economic Forum – World

New York, September 24, The African Risk Capacity (ARC) today announced that it has joined the World Economic Forum (The Forum) towards sharing ideas with other global, independent, impartial and future-oriented leaders keen on improving the state of the world, especially in natural disaster risk reduction and resilience.

Over the past four decades, Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced more than 1,000 disasters often with devastating humanitarian crises. The escalating frequency of these extreme hydro-meteorological events and the challenges posed to Africa’s effort to achieve food security and development goals warranted that the development of a homegrown solution.

In November 2012, African Union (AU) established the African Risk Capacity (ARC) http://www.africanriskcapacity.org/ as a…

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Suriname-Indonesia joint commission promotes agriculture, trade and capacity building

Suriname Foreign Minister Yldiz Pollack-Beighle and Indonesian Ambassador Muhammad Anshor

By Ray Chickrie
Caribbean News Now contributor

PARAMARIBO, Suriname — The fifth Joint Council Commission between Indonesia and Suriname took place in Paramaribo on September 17-18 and the objective was to “recommit to strengthen cooperation that can translate into concrete results” between the two countries. The session was opened by the minister of foreign affairs of Suriname, Yldiz Pollack-Beighle.

The population of Suriname consists of about 20 percent people of Indonesian background and whose ancestors came to Suriname during the Dutch colonial period as indentured servants to grow sugar and coffee.

Ironically, Paramaribo is yet to appoint an ambassador to Jakarta and that post…

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Do African Governments Have The Capacity To Trigger A Green Revolution?

It is time to act before all momentum is lost.

By Boaz Blackie Keizire

This week, several African leaders will meet in Kigali, Rwanda for the Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) and to discuss how to use agriculture as a way to transform African economies faster.

This year the big question has got to be: will this forum be different from others or will it turn out to be just another ‘talk show’? The inevitable smiles when delegates meet will mask the bitter disappointment of broken promises and missed opportunities.

Yet there is always a frisson of excitement when leaders meet; a sense of opportunity hangs in the air that makes us want to believe that this could be the start of real change. Agricultural transformation by definition is all about change, but…

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