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UW-Eau Claire opens doors to new Black Cultural Center to promote campus inclusivity

The establishment of the African-American cultural center is a significant demonstration of how much the university cares for the students, according to …
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Russ Feingold on UW-Madison Campus – African Studies Program – UW–Madison

Russ Feingold, former U.S. Senator and Special Envoy to the African Great Lakes Region and the Congo-Kinshasa, is on campus for the 2018 fall semester, serving as African Studies’ Human Rights Visiting Professor of Practice. Throughout the semester, he has made time for some exciting events.

Feingold is instructing a capstone seminar for International Studies majors entitled “Negotiating Peace in the African Great Lakes Region.”
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The second Africa at Noon lunch seminar of the fall semester was given by Feingold as he discussed the ‘Forever’ Presidents of the Great Lakes Region of Africa.
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Feingold also mediated for Africa at Noon during a roundtable with Ambassadors Michelle Gavin and Johnnie Carson.
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Bryn Mawr students protest for removal of controversial former president’s name from campus buildings

Campus buildings honoring M. Carey Thomas, a suffragist and the second president of Bryn Mawr College, sparked protest at the school Saturday.

The protests come after the school formally recognized Thomas’ prejudices against African-American and Jewish students when she was in office from 1894 to 1922. 

After a year-long review, Bryn Mawr announced earlier this year that it would reduce its references to Thomas throughout the campus. The Thomas Library and Thomas Great Hall are now to be referred to as “the Old Library” and “the Great Hall,” though Thomas’ name is still inscribed.

Ann Logan, chair of the Bryn Mawr board of trustees, wrote a letter to the school community in August explaining the changes and citing examples of Thomas’ prejudices.

“[Thomas] blocked the hiring of Jewish faculty and…

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USC lacks black leadership, campus group says

A group of black faculty and staff at the University of South Carolina is calling out the school because they say it’s too white at the top.

The Black Faculty and Staff Association at USC issued a statement Friday morning that said a “major” salary gap exists between black and white employees at USC. “In addition, there are very few African-American deans, vice presidents, department chairs, or the heads of departments at the…

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Community Focus: Redefining African women through campus life

Stepping into a new world presents its challenges and new opportunities. Here’s how an organization is helping international students transition on campus.

Grace Olaleye celebrated her third birthday in 1986, at this point it had been one year since she left her home of Nigeria and she’s experiencing many firsts, like any kid.

“I did not understand English. My parents did not sit down and teach me, it was literally Sesame Street and I’m a big fan of PBS,” Olaleye said.

Grace says her parents gave her all they could, she grew up in a predominately white neighborhood and it was hard for her to connect so she encountered many “hard” firsts.

“At the time it was difficult for me as an immigrant to be accepted in those spaces because I didn’t look like my age mates,” …

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UWI Open Campus to re-establish site in Turks and Caicos Islands

Minister of Education in the TCI, Karen Malcolm (centre), and Permanent Secretary, Wesley Clerveaux with UWI Open Campus BOT Manager Dr Phyllis Fleming-Banks during a recent visit

PROVIDENCIALES, TCI — The University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus is partnering with the government of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) to re-establish a physical presence in the territory. The re-launch of The UWI Open Campus Turks and Caicos Site is an initiative of the TCI ministry of education and comes in the wake of an increasing number of TCI residents in The UWI’s online programmes.

The partnership will see the re-opening of The UWI Open Campus TCI in Providenciales following the closure of the site in Grand Turk some years ago. The re-introduction of the site will allow for…

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