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Dilemma of Black Conservatism

Kanye West vs Jay-Z

“I feel like a Black Republican, money keeps comin in. But I can’t turn my back on the hood, I got love for them.” – Jay-Z

The dilemma of Black conservatism is a serious one. Depending on our level of consciousness some of us may choose to live like Kanye West and some of us like Jay-Z. Conservatism is a vile term among many Black people simply because it is often associated with white supremacy and economic oppression. The fact is, many Black people think and act conservative, we just don’t practice it politically due to our racial bonds. Kanye West and Jay-Z are two Black conservatives with politically different views. One openly praises political conservatism and one fights against it.

Conservatism in America is often associated with white supremacists and racists. Take a pick from any of the known white supremacist organizations in the country and you will find they identify themselves as Christian conservatives. Religious conservatism is the belief that one’s religion is the chosen of God therefore your actions are guided and accepted by your God. That goes for all religions, as is evident with the rise of Islamic extremism throughout the world.

White supremacists believe that Christianity is the guide for all aspects of life, be it political, financial, social, or environmental, therefore they go about destroying the environment because “God put resources on Earth for them to use”. They actively seek to convert Black people to their religious ideology; not to improve the lives of Black people but to individually covet favor from their God in hopes that they will join him in Heaven.

The problem is that once a Black person is converted to religious conservatism his status does not change. He may feel that he has gained the world but he is still considered a servant to the white race. Any injustice that is inflicted on a Black person by a white person in this condition is seen as the norm of a master and slave relationship. The only alternative for religious Blacks (who have a conscience) is to get political, as in the case of Martin Luther King.

Any culture that is built on the exploitation of Black people under the excuse of religious superiority will ultimately become unjust and oppressive. Oppression is the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner. Many white people will argue that they “don’t have a racist bone in their body” but they do nothing to fix the systems of oppression. They will see Black people getting gunned down by the police on a daily basis and they will do nothing.

They will see Black people being denied service at businesses and they will do nothing. They will see Black people being railroaded into prisons by the corrupt court system and they will do nothing. Their psychological condition is the result of a moral superiority complex created by religion. For that reason, Black people are scared to associate themselves with what most white people associate themselves with, which is political conservatism.

Contrary to popular belief, Black people are not an unethical race. We are hardworking, fun loving people who believe in getting good education and maintaining strong family ties. We have high ambitions of becoming Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and Business owners. All these things require supreme self-discipline, hard work, and financial sacrifice to achieve. Those of us who make it to the top of society fall into two categories.

The first one (Kanye West) attributes his achievements to his own hard work and sacrifices so he abandons his past. He begins to think like the white man politically, fiscally, and religiously. He dumps his Black girl and picks up a white girl that everyone in sports and Hollywood has slept with simply because of his own deranged ego. Then he starts to praise the most race baiting president in history as his hero.

The second one (Jay Z) acknowledges that although he worked hard to achieve success he must pay homage to those who helped to break down many of the barriers that white supremacists put in our paths to limit our success. He maintains a fiscal and religious conservative view but he refuses to break his racial bonds, therefore he shuns the national political conservative system that enforces the oppression of Black people.

Jay-Z works behind the scenes to improve the lives of Black Americans because he knows that no matter how rich and successful he gets, he’s “Still Nigga”.

Beware of the Spirit Killers

the Spirit killers

Beware of the Spirit killers. They encourage slothfulness.

Have you ever seen someone who lives in a dirt hut with no toilet, running water or electricity but he has the latest Apple iPhone? This scenario is a common sight in many developing countries. A developing country is classified as one where workers earn little to no income and the country itself lacks economic self-sufficiency.

Therefore, most 3rd world countries are lagging way behind 1st world countries, economically and technology wise. There are many advantages and disadvantages to such a condition. A lot of people in developing countries see their technology deficit as a major advantage because new technology makes their life easier and they don’t have to develop it themselves.  

The problem with 3rd world countries depending on 1st world technology is that 3rd world people will never get to exercise their Minds by engaging in the creative process. When everything you need in life is provided for you, you become dependent and Slothful. Eventually you become disconnected from the Spirit of Life.

Spirit is the creative force behind the universe. It cannot be destroyed so when we say, “kill”, we are speaking metaphorically to mean stiffled, dulled, or made redundant. Everything in nature functions by tapping into the same creative Spirit to survive and thrive at all costs. The world is a harsh environment that if humans were not a creative species we could never have survived this long.

Black people in developing countries need to put more emphasis on developing their own technologies. When Black people in developing countries keep depending on foreign technology those technologies become Spirit killers. That is because it makes Black people lose their creative instincts and they become Slothful.

The most infamous Spirit killer is Religion.

Religion encourages Black people to depend on Faith through all our adversities in life. Black people have a history of being disadvantaged. We survived colonization and slavery only to enter a system of worldwide cultural genocide. Many areas of Afraka continue to experience drought and starvation while war and violence along with economic and political corruption is a plague to every predominantly Black nation.

All these hardships in life have produced generational psychological trauma in Black people. The result is that we have become easily depressed, fearful, untrusting, and pessimistic about life in general. Without available options, conscientious Black people have turned to religion but the only solution that religion offers is to have Faith that a god is working on our problems.

When nothing seems to change year after year and decade after decade, our preachers now tell us to forget about life and expect a paradise in the after-life. That is the hope that keeps most of us going when our sons turn into killers and our daughters turn into prostitutes.

Unfortunately, “Faith” is fake inspiration that pretends to give hope when in actuality; it’s really a Spirit killer. Now even when you try to teach religious people how to use religion to prosper it doesn’t work because Black people are too fooled by Faith. That’s why the only people benefiting from religion are its leaders because only they enjoy all the luxeries of life while they’re still living.

Black people need to regain the Spirit of Life. Unfortunately not many people can see Life. It’s like the “Elephant in the room”. Life is all around us. It’s in the air, the water, and the soil. Life is viruses, bacteria, insects, animals, tree, and us. Where do our food and our medicines come from? Life. Stop looking into the clouds and space for a savior and learn to work with Life.

How To Confront Racism And Police Brutality In America

how to confront racism and police brutality

Should Black People In America Fight Back, Separate, or Integrate?

Racism and police brutality is a very serious problem in America. Black people are being harassed by racists and killed by police at alarming rates. There are several ways to combat the problem. Unfortunately, none of them are easy and will involve either a new way of thinking, the use of physical force, or total segregation. The choice will depend on the willingness of Black people themselves.

Racism and police brutality has always existed in America but thanks to social media in the modern era, Black people are not as isolated and low informed as they used to be. News travels fast and when the police kill a black person without just cause there is usually someone around to see it and document it, either by video or personally sharing the incident online for others to see.

Religious leaders in the past, confronted racism and police brutality by attempting to showcase the hypocrisy of the actions of white people who believed in the same God as they did. The tactic worked to a certain extent because it forced a lot of white people to use their conscience. The only problem with that is, most white people never gained real sympathy for Black people; they only thought it would gain them favor in the eyes of their imaginary God.

Physical Confrontation

Many Black people have this belief that they can defeat the white man by force. They point out the actions of the Black Panther Party of the late 60s and early 70s with pride but dismiss the conclusion of the movement and others like it. They omit the fact that white people are seasoned killers who are experts in all manner of conflict including; conventional, biological, chemical, nuclear, and psychological warfare.

White people own the media and all platforms of communication. They own the Internet, computer companies, cell phones that we all love to play on, and television and news outlets. Because of their hidden prerogative to feed universal awareness they also understand Black people better than Black people understand themselves. Depending on how you organize, you may kill a few white people in pockets around the country but realistically, how long do you think a physical war with white people would last?

Total Racial Segregation

Black people also have the option of separating from white society. They have already been doing it for decades by moving into urban ghettos. The initial purpose was for financial help in the form of cheap or assisted housing. Eventually it grew into a way for both whites and Blacks to benefit from living separately. White people saw an opportunity to push Black people away from themselves and Black people saw a way to live their life without having to interact with too many whites.

The problem with ghettos is that because white people control the services and infrastructure, they de-fund the resources to maintain them. The results are poor education, poisoned water, broken down pest-infested dwellings, and of course, unhealthy food. Crime and drug use increases due to lack of good paying jobs and whites use the police as over-seers to keep Blacks from ranging too far out of bounds.

Some Black leaders have suggested the possibility of a segregated State within the United States. It would be a completely Black State, run by Black politicians, business people, and community leaders. All Black people across America who wish to socially separate from white people would relocate there. And of course, racist whites would also force Black people to relocate there.

A Black State’s internal success would depend on Black peoples ability to sort out our own problems amongst ourselves. The external success would depend on the level of interference from racist whites that would seek to de-fund it federally as will as to isolate it economically.

Target white people’s Conscience

police arrest black woman who called to complain about a neighbor

The third method of fighting racism and police brutality in America is to gain a deeper understanding of Life then use the tactics of the past for the betterment of society on a whole. Black people must recognize that Life is a single conscious entity on a quest for universal awareness. White people are life’s most useful tool. The hormone Serotonin, which keeps them happy while their imaginary gods give them purpose, drives their consciousness.

Like Black people, they do produce Melatonin but because their Pineal Glands are calcified, they don’t produce enough to balance the erratic effects of Serotonin. It reinforces their unethical ideologies about reality that they arrive at through Curiosity and Risk. The Melatonin that they do produce acts on their Conscience to encourage fairness, equity, and accountability.

When Black people defeated the laws that maintained segregation in America, it was referred to as a gain for Black America. It was not referred to as a gain for the psychological improvement of white people. That’s because white people are so self-centered that they believe they don’t need help.

A lot of Black people will have a problem with this method because while it will help to combat racism, discrimination, and police brutality, it will also help white people with their sanity. This method involves targeting white people’s Conscience but first we must understand what Conscience does in order to target it.

Conscience is a base instinct that produces the psychological traits caring, sympathy, and empathy. White people seem to have an abundance of all three so why is their conscience so weak? Their conscience is not weak at all; it’s just hijacked by ideologies that enforce their false beliefs of racial and moral superiority over others. Ideology hates Truth so when they go to school and learn truth it burns away ideology.

That is why ideology driven conservative whites hate truth-seeking whites. They label anything based on conscience as political correctness and weak-minded Liberalism. Yes, they fight amongst each other over ideology but they never hate each other based on race. When they do fight they fight over money, territory, and class. They also never colonize and enslave their own. They only recognize the human will to be free in their own race.

Therefore, their conscience must be targeted through the media. Their conscience must be targeted through the courts and political systems. Their conscience must be targeted through religious and educational systems. Expose their hypocrisy by asking them if their god thinks its right to hate. Ask them if all humans were not created equal with the same inalienable rights. It will cause them to question the ideologies that comfort and support their so-called “way of life”.

Most Black Americans are under no illusions about race; it is an ever-present obstacle in their pursuit of happiness. They find themselves having to defend their own lives all because of their race. A solution must be implemented or America will continue on its inevitable course to all out civil war. Black people can arm themselves for that reality, seek total segregation, or help change the level of consciousness within society in general. The choices are clear, which one will you choose?

New Afro-Conscious Social Network

afro conscious social network

Humanity is entering a new era of consciousness known as the Age of Aquarius. In this new age all lies, deception, and false information will fade away. A new Afro-Conscious social network has been launched to encourage the condititions of the new era and to ensure that Black and AfRAkan people are not left behind, 

The aim of the Afro-Conscious social network is to provide a space where conscious minded Black and AfRAkan people can gather to develop solidarity on numerous issues we face as a people in society and the world at large. They also aim to erase the ideologies that enslave most Black people’s minds while helping us to view the world from a Afrocentric perspective. Ultimately returning Black consciousness to recognizing and respecting Ankh-Life as the master.

The owners and operators of Afro-Conscious social network are Black. They recognize that the Lives and social condition of Black people will never improve if Black people do not take control of their own Minds. Black people have become the most susceptible to every form of deception and manipulation from religion to consumerism; all because we don’t engage in enough critical thinking.

A person becomes conscious when he/she is able to properly decipher information in an efficient manner that benefits their life and longevity. The operators of Afro-Conscious know that the sharing of information and ideas is the best way to develop consciousness. Furthermore, discussion develops thoughtfulness, which also in turn develops ones consciousness.

The overall awareness of Black people is increasing with the help of social networks. The primary beneficiaries are not Black people even though we spend countless hours on them. Making money for their creators and not for real social development is the real objective of most social networks . By using member information to sell advertising space, Facebook makes billions of dollars per year. Designed to help college students connect and share information, Facebook quickly transformed into a information gathering and advertising network. 

It’s time for you to stop your oppressors from using you. If you are a Black person who craves to voice your thoughts and opinions regarding the condition of the Black AfRAkan race or if you would just like to know what the Black conscious community is all about then exercise pride for your AfRAkan ancestry and conscious mindedness and join Afro-Conscious social network today.

▼Due to several hacking attempts Afro-Conscious Social Network has been temporarily closed. It will be relaunched on a more secure platform in the near future.

How To Fight Oppression

Oppression can be defined as the active denial of liberty and pursuit of happiness by one group of people over another. The oppressors are mostly of a higher class or dominant culture and race while the oppressed are usually of a lower class and minor race. Most people of minor races living within the culture of a dominant race often have to fight to fit in because it is human nature for people to support other people who are more like themselves.

Race and culture favoritism may range from something that is minor to full blown racism at the extreme. These types of oppressions will never change on their own therefore it is the responsibility of the oppressed to recognize oppression in its many forms and act to either protect ourselves against it or act to end it outright if they ever wish to live free and happy as minorities in a dominant society.

Most non-white races may claim to have been oppressed at one time or another but none has experienced the sustained and documented record of oppression as that of the Black AfRAkan race. Throughout history we have and still are being exploited by Europeans and Arabs for the resources of our lands in the form of colonization and for our labor in the form of slavery. Race mixing has colored the exploitation in many aspects to further bind AfRAkans to foreign cultures of all sorts.

Today, many Black people are so brainwashed as a result of colonization and slavery that they don’t even recognize that they are still being actively oppressed. They accept the linear understanding of reality that they are thought and think that they had no culture or understanding of life and reality before Europeans thought them how to function in his reality.

While most Black people acknowledge that oppression exists there are some Black oppression deniers who are blinded by religion which teaches them that their hardships in life are really just tests of faith by their illusionary god. They use the benefits of the sacrifices that others have made to better themselves financially but instead of acknowledging revolutionaries like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and DR. King they attribute their success to their own hard work.

Those of us who do recognize that Black people are actively being oppressed by dominant cultures and races are the ones who are taking steps to increase our awareness of the world around us. Fortunately, all people; oppressors and the oppressed, want the same basic things in life so we don’t need to look for any hidden secret of how to fight oppression. We all want to be happy, healthy, and successful in life. Oppressors simply go about achieving those things at the expense of the people they oppress.

For years many of us have been staging our own personal boycotts of businesses and organizations that do not respect Black people or that keep Black people enslaved in consumerism. We are the ones who get accused by other Blacks of being “all talk, no action” because we aren’t in the streets. We fight oppression in different ways through education, awareness, and support of our own cultures and businesses. We spread information about businesses and organizations that serve to maintain a system of direct and indirect oppression against Black people.

We also know that Western cultures are built on capitalism therefore; the most effective means of fighting Western style oppression is through economics. It is the #1 reason why they exploited Black people and lands centuries ago. One of the most successful periods in the struggle against oppression in America was during the 1960 when Martin Luther King JR took Black people out of cowering in churches to marching in the streets, holding sit-ins in white owned businesses, and boycotting national corporations.

Why do we think that the times have changed so much that these measures are obsolete and won’t work today? Sure the struggle against oppression is hard because Black people work for and depend on many of the oppressors businesses so they will be financially affected by boycotts but let us not be foolish in thinking that we are smarter than our leaders of the past or that things that worked in the past cannot work today.

All institutions and corporations are run by people who all want to be successful and happy. None like the uncertainty of economic turmoil so they will bend under pressure. At the same time we must support Black owned businesses and stop the crabs-in-a-barrel mentality that makes us not want to see other Black people succeed while personally we are not.

Why Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter When All Are Treated Equal

“Black Lives Matter” is the motto of a new era in the American civil rights struggle. It’s a phrase being chanted by thousands of people taking part in rallies and marches in towns and cities all across the country because they are fed up with systemic racism and police brutality. But while “Black Lives Matter” maybe categorized as a mere slogan in the media it means more than that to Black people for one major reason; Black people recognize that they are being denied access to the “American Dream”.

The American Dream is a slogan which encapsulates the larger and well known “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” slogan of the country’s founders. It means that all Americans have the inalienable right to live free and pursue their dreams whatever they may be. Unfortunately, some people do not feel those rights should be afforded to everyone in America. First they tried to classify Black people as not fully human and when that failed they made sure to limit Black progress socially, economically and psychologically.

Some people say “all lives matter” so the Black Lives Matter movement does not makes sense. Black on Black crime is arguably more damaging to Black communities so why don’t Black people focus on that? Well, the differences are internal and external and one has nothing to do with the other; just like Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with “all lives matter”. Black Lives Matter is about the pursuit of happiness without being brutalized by the society overseers; the Police.

A good example of discrepancies in Police brutality is to compare America with a country such as Jamaica which is roughly 90% Black. Police brutality in Jamaica is worse than that of America’s yet they are dealing with Black cops and a Black population. This suggests that police brutality in America has little to do with law enforcement or all races of people in America would suffer the same percentage of police brutality, not just Blacks. Instead, police brutality is the result of systemic racism that corrupts the minds of Police officers, Lawyers, and Judges to engage in denying Black people equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Yes, Black Lives Matter just like all lives matter but before you dismiss this uproar as just another episode in the saga of Black dissatisfaction at failing to keep up with the rest of American society, take a deeper look. Black people are waking up and realizing that their fight has always been to try to fit into a system that wasn’t created by them but continues to exploit them to stay prosperous. If they continue to be denied participation they will just keep on trying to tear it down from the inside out.