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Conscientious Colin Kaepernick Is A Hero


Colin KaepernickColin Kaepernick should be considered a hero for Black America. He has decided, against tremendous pressure from both inside and out, to defy one of America’s long-standing traditions all because his conscience told him to. By taking the stance of not standing during the national anthem to protest systemic Police brutality against Black Americans Colin Kaepernick is risking losing his career in the NFL along with millions of dollars in potential earnings.

A hero is someone who is willing to engage in personal sacrifice for the greater good of others. In life there are countless instances where people could be considered heroes for the things they do to help others. Most everyday heroes never get recognized and if you ask them how they feel about their non-recognition they might tell you that it really doesn’t matter to them at all. I’ll bet that if you ask Colin Kaepernick if he considers himself a hero for his actions he will say the same. That is because conscientious heroes see their actions as a duty to their community and to their country.

So why is it that some people seem to be more conscientious than others? Forget the unsympathetic racists whose views have their consciences locked away in dungeons guarded by ignorance, this is about Black psychology from a Black perspective. We have seen some of Colin Kaepernicks Black teammates as well as other Black NFL stars come out against his actions. Some others are saying that while they may agree with his message, the NFL is the wrong place to engage in social and political protests.

The truth is most Black sports stars and celebrities are scared to voice their true inner feelings for fear of losing their careers. Their consciences are suppressed by their desires. Conscience and Desire are polar opposites in human nature. On another level can we really blame some athletes for disconnecting from the struggle for Black liberation? Society teaches that we should function using a “save thyself” mentality, especially when we grow up in hardship and poverty. When we become rich our desire to maintain “the good life” forces us to find excuses for why we don’t want to speak our conscience.

Black people like Colin Kaepernick are anomalies and should be considered heroes. He is not only very conscientious he is smart too. He has deduced that the most effective use of his status as a top rated NFL Quarterback is to protest where it will get the most exposure. He could easily have joined a few Black Lives Matter marches during the NFL off-season and a few news reports might have picked up his story. Maybe he did do that but no one noticed or mainstream media chose to ignore it.

Some Black people are calling Colin Kaepernick crazy because they truly cannot understand his motives. Maybe like the actor Jesse Williams he doesn’t come from poverty so loss to him doesn’t hold much weight. Whatever the case, it is conscience that builds courage and courage that accepts sacrifice. Those are the things that makes heroes in my eyes.

6 Basic Principles Of Black Consciousness


Also Principles of the HERU Interface

Consciousness is the state of being self-aware. Black Consciousness is the state of being aware that the Black Race is under attack physically and psychologically so you take steps to protect it. Some Black people never realize this fact so they exist believing that a god made them to suffer at the hands of other Races.

Some Black people do realize that their Race is hated so they either try their best to assimilate culturally and genetically or rely on Human Rights Laws to protect them. A small percentage of Black people actually take pride in their racial identity and they seek ways to preserve their blackness. If you are on a journey towards consciousness here are 6 basic principles to live by.

0) Honor and Respect our Afrakan ancestry and our ancestors

Anthropology states that there are 5 distinct races in the world today, all of which originated from the original Afrakan race. The fact that Africans still exist is proof that we are the Carbon copy and not the Blueprint for other races, as they would like you to believe. In other words, they did not evolve from the original; they genetically mutated as a result of our own unaccountable behavior and prolonged environmental extremes.

Today, the cultures and systems that some have created to maintain psychological control over humanity have got most people believing that Nirvana is the ultimate goal and fading to white physically and mentally is the only way to achieve real happiness. As conscious minded people we need to resist popular culture and return to our own traditions. That involves honoring and respecting our Afrakan ancestors and our ancestry.

1) Value Your Genetic characteristics

Afrakans have the most noticeable genetic characteristics of all the races. Our skin tones range from Black to golden Brown; our hair can be kinky course or soft and wavy; our facial features include thick Lips and broad Noses; and our women have the most ample Behinds.

The indoctrinating effect of popular culture has had a detrimental effect on our racial pride and self esteem. The result is our people no longer value our physical genetic characteristics. Most of our women now either wear hair from other races or burn the kink out of their hair with chemicals. Both men and women are either trying to bleach the blackness out of their skin or reproducing with other races to ensure their children have a easier go at life.

Don’t blame them. They’ve been indoctrinated into the “survival of the fittest” mentality of popular culture so that’s all they know. Once you begin to accept and value your Afrakan genetic characteristics you will begin to experience a new sense of racial pride. You will begin to look in the mirror and exclaim, “Black is beautiful”!

2) Defend and Protect Other Conscious people

Conscious Black people should always defend and protect other Black conscious people, whether they’re under attack from other races or our own self-destructive people. It’s not easy to swim against the current of popular culture so those who do need all the support they can get. There are different levels of Black consciousness. Some of us are just waking up while some of us have been awakened for years.

Some of us are more political, militant, or Spiritual than others but as long as the goal is the defense of the Black race then we’re all on the same wavelength. Never support anyone or anything that destroys our race. That includes other Black people who overlook the problems within their own race in order to side with the opinions and ideologies of others because it makes them appear acceptable. It also includes Black people who lack self-respect and those who thrive on violence, gangsterism, exploitation, and the destruction of Life.


eye of heru

3) Increase your Awareness

Society is being flooded with deceptions and misinformation for many purposes; the most dangerous of which is to keep Black people from achieving our true potential in life. We can become geniuses because no other race has a direct connection to the abstract energy of the universe as we do through our Pineal Glands. Most of us don’t know that and they will never tell you because most of them also don’t know it.

Those in power control the world by luck because their pursuit of happiness created conditions in their Brains that shifted their psyche outward. That means that in order to achieve happiness they have to acquire things from the outside world. We call it being Right Brained or Desire Dependent. In such a condition, they thrive on conquest, power, and self righteousness.  

Indigenous people all over the world have struggled to keep up with the European, simply because we had to adapt their ways in order to survive their conquest. Unfortunately, in the process most of us have become corrupt, unethical and self destructive. Our societies are digressing both from internal corruption and outside psychological, economic, and biological sabotage. Don’t think that it’s a co-incidence that crime, sexual perversion, and drug addiction is so prevalent in our communities.  

Professor MOmOh of the Dohgon University of Thought teaches that we are Creative while they are Innovative. He teaches that true creativity comes from the abstract universe, while innovation comes from manipulating thing already in existence. Increasing your awareness involves gaining knowledge about how society and the world works but most of all, it means gaining knowledge about how our brains works. Learn about the Eye of Heru and your Senses so you can transform from a reactionary person to a truly conscious, self disciplined, and balanced person who functions by your Mind and not your Brain. In time we will become so self-disciplined that we will begin to regain the intuition skills of our ancestors.

4) Choose Spirituality over Religion

Afrakan Spirituality existed long before religion. In fact, it was Afrakan Spirituality that others used to create religions. Now they say their religions are real and civilized while Afrakan Spirituality is primitive and occult. Well, I have news for them. Believing in unseen people in the clouds is more of a cult than believing in the energies that drive the wind, heat the Earth, and energize metals. We call these energies Spirits but they are unseen forces that animate living and non-living things by flowing through them.

Afrakan Spirituality is an extension of our Animistic nature. Animism means to live in accord with nature; respect nature and recognize that no part of nature is more important than the next. In doing so our ancestors attributed separate Spirits to things such as; Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Humanity’s problems arose when some people began to worship the Spirits and depend on them to solve their problems.

Religions were created when moral teachings were combined with Spiritual worship. Then in order to enhance the strength of moral teachings physical representations of good and evil had to be created so they came up with the concept of God and the Devil. (Notice the similarity on the spelling) Conscious people must recognize that Religion is an Illusion but if you cannot escape it then use it for Goodwill and not Self-Servitude.

5) Support Black Financial Empowerment

One of the best ways to improve the Black Afrakan race is to work on becoming financially independent and empowered. Financial empowerment involves good personal money management as well as the support of Black owned businesses and companies. We exist in a Capitalist society but most of us don’t know how Capitalism works and because of our Animistic nature we keep fighting for Socialism (economic equality). That along with systemic racism is the essence of Black social digression.

Capitalism was born out of the basic exchange of goods, services, and labor (slavery) for money. Today it’s become a complex system optimized by unbalanced economic conditions, which means it works best when everyone is not on the same level financially. It even becomes more effective by psychological manipulation in the form of consumerism. That is the state of black society today; poor discontent consumers driven by the belief that acquiring physical things will make us happy. The only positive is it keeps the economy in motion.

Since we’ll never change the political systems in society unless we run our own country we’ll have to learn to make Capitalism work for us. Start in schools by learning how to create businesses instead of learning how to become good workers for someone else. Learn how to save your money and invest it wisely. Avoid credit and debt that put you in financial slavery to the Banks. Support Black owned businesses locally and nationally.

Important in our quest for financial independence is to avoid bad-minded thoughts that may tell you that you’re making another Black person rich while you’re poor. It took thousands of years to create our present condition so it cannot change over night. Self-discipline and perseverance will ensure the success of these basic principles of Black Consciousness.

Why Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter When All Are Treated Equal

“Black Lives Matter” is the motto of a new era in the American civil rights struggle. It’s a phrase being chanted by thousands of people taking part in rallies and marches in towns and cities all across the country because they are fed up with systemic racism and police brutality. But while “Black Lives Matter” maybe categorized as a mere slogan in the media it means more than that to Black people for one major reason; Black people recognize that they are being denied access to the “American Dream”.

The American Dream is a slogan which encapsulates the larger and well known “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” slogan of the country’s founders. It means that all Americans have the inalienable right to live free and pursue their dreams whatever they may be. Unfortunately, some people do not feel those rights should be afforded to everyone in America. First they tried to classify Black people as not fully human and when that failed they made sure to limit Black progress socially, economically and psychologically.

Some people say “all lives matter” so the Black Lives Matter movement does not makes sense. Black on Black crime is arguably more damaging to Black communities so why don’t Black people focus on that? Well, the differences are internal and external and one has nothing to do with the other; just like Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with “all lives matter”. Black Lives Matter is about the pursuit of happiness without being brutalized by the society overseers; the Police.

A good example of discrepancies in Police brutality is to compare America with a country such as Jamaica which is roughly 90% Black. Police brutality in Jamaica is worse than that of America’s yet they are dealing with Black cops and a Black population. This suggests that police brutality in America has little to do with law enforcement or all races of people in America would suffer the same percentage of police brutality, not just Blacks. Instead, police brutality is the result of systemic racism that corrupts the minds of Police officers, Lawyers, and Judges to engage in denying Black people equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Yes, Black Lives Matter just like all lives matter but before you dismiss this uproar as just another episode in the saga of Black dissatisfaction at failing to keep up with the rest of American society, take a deeper look. Black people are waking up and realizing that their fight has always been to try to fit into a system that wasn’t created by them but continues to exploit them to stay prosperous. If they continue to be denied participation they will just keep on trying to tear it down from the inside out.