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Birth of a Nation, Review

Recently, I watched the movie Birth of a Nation and it left me with a multitude of thoughts; some concerning the recounting of history and some confirming the psychology of humans. All were not new; they just further confirmed my observations and conclusions about human psychology and how the world works in general.

Information is essential in this time but most Black people ingest information and never learn from it. In such a situation, how can we ever hope to become better, smarter, and free people? When any Black person watches Birth of a Nation they should learn something or else they are brain dead.

If you value your history you would know that Nat Turner was a real person who lead one of the largest slave revolts in the American slave era. His slave masters thought him the Bible in order to pacify the rest of the slaves. It is a situation that still happens today but unlike the religious deceivers of today he used the Bible as fight back against the oppressors.

If you are religious the story is for you. It should teach you that your faith in god doesn’t mean anything unless you are physically free. The Bible is full of contradictions but the Jews knew that while mental freedom was easily secured, physical freedom always had to be fought for. If they had given up and relied on god to save them they wouldn’t have Israel today.

If you are non-religious the movie should teach you about the importance of acquiring information and organizing. It is only uneducated people that make good slaves. Slavery existed for so long because Black people were kept uneducated and pacified with religion. Uneducated people cannot organize because they will always be in doubt about the consequences of their actions.

My opinion on the movie is f@#k all the controversy regarding the creator/director; it’s a great movie.