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America Practices Racism Disguised as Conservatism

America practices racism disguised as conservatism. The result is that America is now engaged in a political struggle for its very existence as a Democracy. Furthermore, the election of 2020 will decide whether America will wise up and get back on its rocky road toward racial equality or will they allow Donald Trump to sink the country into a Fascist white Arian heaven on Earth.

America was founded on Christian principles, which are the foundation of social Conservatism. Social Conservatism encourages strict adherence to Christian religious values. Most Democratic countries are supposed to operate using a principle known as “separation of Church and State” however, since the people within government live according to religious ideology instead of their Conscience, such a separation is virtually impossible to uphold when Laws and Policies are being formed.

So, since Americas Laws are still being created and regulated by white Christian Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, and Police officers, how do they reconcile the immorality of racism? The short answer is that most of them do not care because they know that they have the power to back up and/or defend their activities. The long answer is that because the Great Spirit that is the Universe is always nagging their Conscience, Racism has become their most difficult internal struggle.

Religious Conservatives come in two different flavors; Racially inclusive Christians and Racially exclusive Christians. Racially inclusive Christians attempt to obey their conscience. They believe that their conscience is their god judging their actions on Earth. They believe that Black people should be assimilated into Christianity but not on the same level as they are because the “chosen” will be limited in number. Blacks must not complain about their condition because their condition is god’s will.    

Racially exclusive Christians believe that the Races should never mix. Blacks are cursed and though they may become Christians, they must remain subservient to whites. Whites can do whatever they want to Blacks in the eyes of their god and the Law. In the Judicial system, Black people should be punished more harshly than whites for the same crimes. The ability of Black people to engage in the economic engine of the country should be limited. And the freedom and happiness of Black people should be micro-managed by the Police or any white citizen who decides to take it within their concern (Karen).  

The latter Ideology is growing in America today. When they talk about “making America great again” this is what they mean. A lot of foolish Black people are willing to play along with Trump because they believe that their version of Conservatism is more “ethical” than the Racists. They believe that their god is so powerful that he is just using the Racists in a temporary campaign against a greater enemy; the godless Liberals. I say, be careful how you dance with the Devil because no Ethical God uses evil to achieve good.

Jamaicans Losing Their Religion

Jamaicans are slowly losing their religion. It is a social condition that has been happening for years and one that has recently become more evident when popular entertainer, Mr. Vegas, challenged the controversial statements of a well-known pastor on social media and in church. Mr. Vegas’s surprising loss of faith in the church is a recent phenomenon as the popular Dancehall artiste has always been very outspoken about his Christian beliefs in public and in his music.

Mr. Vegas is a smart man who has been reading the bible for years and while he has discovered many passages in it that are contradictory, he has never questioned his Faith before. However, one passage that always bothered his conscience is one that says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. This passage is explained as; people are dying because they don’t or refuse to truly know god.

When a rational thinking person reads this passage and he or she observes the level of corruption in society and in the church he or she will naturally conclude that most people don’t know god. And even those that have unshakable Faith in god are dying in great numbers at the hands of merciless criminals. The rational thinking person will then either challenge the church and society using his own understanding of god or he will seek an alternative belief system because the one that society is using to understand god is not working.

Mr. Vegas has chosen to seek an alternative belief system in Kemetic Spirituality as well as to challenge religion. The question that he has to face now is how he will determine truth from Illusion because real Knowledge is based on Truth. He already knows that only real knowledge can help Black people end our cycle of destruction. The best way determine truth from illusion is through questioning. However, on one hand illusionists believe that to question is to lack faith in what they believe to be true. Therefore, they will redefine questioning to mean (seeking clarity) instead of to actually seeking truth. What then is (seeking clarity) if not to enforce that which you already believe.

All Jamaicans who are experiencing a loss of faith in Christianity and are seeking an alternative belief system need to be careful of settling for other religions or Atheism before you truly understand yourself psychologically. Imagine, 3000 years ago philosophers knew that DESIRE was the key problem in human nature but pastors and 99% of people today do not understand DESIRE. Know that the only balance for Desire is Conscience. That is how all religions were born. Religions are systems of Desire management where an overseer (god) is put in place to help people control their Desires.

People today are actively destroying the tenants of Conscience which are; Fairness, Equity, and Accountability, by using Human Rights laws as a means of quenching their various Desires. Pastors are creating conflict in society because they don’t understand desire so they condemn people without helping them to strengthen their Consciences in a productive way. Conflict will always produce conflict. If pastors were truly conscious they would invite and train people to manage their dysfunctions by strengthening the power of their Minds by strengthening their consciences.

When Jamaicans begin to learn how our Mind works we will also begin to understand the validity of religion and how to move beyond it without destroying ourselves in the process. We will learn that religion can only get us to the bank of a great river where joy and prosperity can be seen at the other side. Those of us who do not understand Life will drown as we try to swim across.  The Mind is the bridge. Learn to understand it, enrich it with knowledge, and we will reconnect to the Spiritual energies of the universe. Our collective unity will then form the bridge to achieve racial respect and prosperity.


How Afraka Get Scammed By Religion

A Zimbabwean man during this time of European imperialism said the following:

“When you [Europeans] came, you had the Bible and we [Africans] had the land. Now, we have the Bible and you have the land”.

What do you think he means and describe what he implies about the impact of missionaries on Afraka?

The Zimbabwean man spoke with pure wisdom. He is saying that before the Europeans invaded Afraka, Afraka belonged to Afrakans, which is oxymoronic because before Europeans Afrakans took no ownership of the land. The concept of land ownership did not make sense, which is why it was so easy for Europeans to claim ownership, but I digress.  

In playing by his rules they [Europeans] acknowledged that Afrakans own the land by default, having occupied it since creation. Therefore, they [Europeans] could not gain ownership unless some sort of exchange took place. It was then that they [Europeans] devised a twisted plan they call (the exchange of Salvation).

In other words, they came to save AfRAkans from the Sin of not knowing God and in exchange they claimed the land for their empires in Europe. The funny part is that they didn’t do it to trick AfRAkans, they did it to protect themselves from their own Nature. (tribal conquests between European nations)    

A lot of Afrakans are still mentally enslaved by this religious belief today. They will not reclaim their land from the imperialists in Europe because they want to be good Christians. Likewise, they will not reclaim their land from the Arabs because they want to be good Muslims.

Isn’t it ironic that Zimbabwe is one of the only Afrakan countries to reclaim their land from European imperialists?