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Wycliffe Caribbean Bible Translators prepare to complete patois bible

After almost a decade since the translation of the Bible’s New Testament into Jamaican Creole, Wycliffe Caribbean Bible Translators has announced that the first 39 books of the Bible, collectively known as the Old Testament, is also to be translated into the local vernacular. 

The Patois Bible is due for completion in 2026.

The other major partnering groups of the initiative are the Bible Society of the West Indies, Jamaican Language Unit, located at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus and the Wycliffe International funding organisation, The Seed Company.

In making the announcement on Wednesday, John Roomes, Chief Executive Officer of Wycliffe Bible Translators said this latest decision is in response to demand from the reading public that the entire text of the Bible is…

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African-Americans Have Greater Bible Engagement, Care More About Moral Decline Than Most


African-Americans have higher levels of Bible engagement and are more concerned about the decline in morality than the general U.S. population, a recent study has found.

The latest State of the Bible survey by American Bible Society found that African-Americans ranked exceptionally high when it comes to areas of biblical engagement.

Overall, African-Americans ranked higher than other Americans when it comes to: listening to a church leader (48 percent) versus a business leader (9 percent), owning at least one Bible in their homes (93 percent), wishing they read the Bible more (74 percent), downloading or using a Bible app on a smartphone (52 percent), and increasing Bible reading in the last year (26 percent).

For many African-Americans, it is more important to start the day with the Bible…

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African-Americans Engage the Most With the Bible Than Any Other US Ethnic Group, Says New Study

African-Americans are more engaged with the Bible than the general U.S. population, according to the latest State of the Bible survey by American Bible Society.

For many African-Americans, it is more important to start the day with God’s word than a Cup of Joe. In fact, 37 percent choose the Bible over coffee and 60 percent use the Bible every day.

The study also found that African-Americans with higher levels of Bible engagement are more likely to desire even more interaction with the Bible.

Half of African-Americans say they always feel more connected to God when they read the Bible, while 75 percent usually or always experience a curiosity to know God better when reading the Bible.

“African-Americans know that Bible engagement can impact all areas of their lives for the better,” said Roy…

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African Study Bible Published | Liberian Observer

Rev. John K. Jusu, ASB Supervision Editor speaking at the bible launch

A new bible called the ‘African Study Bible (ASB)’ has been published with special emphasis on witchcraft, African culture and other issues adversely affecting the African Christian.

Rev. John K. Jusu, ASB Supervising Editor, said the bible is the first of its kind that is written by over 350 Africans in four different languages including English, French, Arabic and Portuguese for the African environment.

The notes  contained in the ASB are not in other bibles because where other bibles criticize witchcraft, polygamy and traditional practices, these are not a problem in the ASB. Rather, they are major things that Christians in Africa are confronted with, said Rev. Jusu.

He said the purpose for writing the ASB is to…

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Bible college principle swaps the UK for the Caribbean

After almost two decades in his current role, Dr Steve Brady (pictured left) is joining First Baptist Church on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands.

He said: “It has been a real tussle in decision-making for me, since I have been so privileged to have been at Moorlands College these many years.


“I am so grateful for all the love, support, prayer and friendship I have experienced here, not least in these last six months since my dear Brenda’s passing.”

In a note to colleagues, Dr Steve Brady said he has been associated with First Baptist for 20 years and he will leave Moorlands by the end of the year.

He continued: “Although, I expect my tenure as Principal of Moorlands will conclude by the end of this…

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Jamaicans Losing Their Religion

Jamaican flag

Jamaicans are slowly losing their religion. It is a social condition that has been happening for years and one that has recently become more evident when popular entertainer, Mr. Vegas, challenged the controversial statements of a well-known pastor on social media and in church. Mr. Vegas’s surprising loss of faith in the church is a recent phenomenon as the popular Dancehall artiste has always been very outspoken about his Christian beliefs in public and in his music.

Mr. Vegas is a smart man who has been reading the bible for years and while he has discovered many passages in it that are contradictory, he has never questioned his Faith before. However, one passage that always bothered his conscience is one that says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. This passage is explained as; people are dying because they don’t or refuse to truly know god.

When a rational thinking person reads this passage and he or she observes the level of corruption in society and in the church he or she will naturally conclude that most people don’t know god. And even those that have unshakable Faith in god are dying in great numbers at the hands of merciless criminals. The rational thinking person will then either challenge the church and society using his own understanding of god or he will seek an alternative belief system because the one that society is using to understand god is not working.

Mr. Vegas has chosen to seek an alternative belief system in Kemetic Spirituality as well as to challenge religion. The question that he has to face now is how he will determine truth from Illusion because real Knowledge is based on Truth. He already knows that only real knowledge can help Black people end our cycle of destruction. The best way determine truth from illusion is through questioning. However, on one hand illusionists believe that to question is to lack faith in what they believe to be true. Therefore, they will redefine questioning to mean (seeking clarity) instead of to actually seeking truth. What then is (seeking clarity) if not to enforce that which you already believe.

All Jamaicans who are experiencing a loss of faith in Christianity and are seeking an alternative belief system need to be careful of settling for other religions or Atheism before you truly understand yourself psychologically. Imagine, 3000 years ago philosophers knew that DESIRE was the key problem in human nature but pastors and 99% of people today do not understand DESIRE. Know that the only balance for Desire is Conscience. That is how all religions were born. Religions are systems of Desire management where an overseer (god) is put in place to help people control their Desires.

People today are actively destroying the tenants of Conscience which are; Fairness, Equity, and Accountability, by using Human Rights laws as a means of quenching their various Desires. Pastors are creating conflict in society because they don’t understand desire so they condemn people without helping them to strengthen their Consciences in a productive way. Conflict will always produce conflict. If pastors were truly conscious they would invite and train people to manage their dysfunctions by strengthening the power of their Minds by strengthening their consciences.

When Jamaicans begin to learn how our Mind works we will also begin to understand the validity of religion and how to move beyond it without destroying ourselves in the process. We will learn that religion can only get us to the bank of a great river where joy and prosperity can be seen at the other side. Those of us who do not understand Life will drown as we try to swim across.  The Mind is the bridge. Learn to understand it, enrich it with knowledge, and we will reconnect to the Spiritual energies of the universe. Our collective unity will then form the bridge to achieve racial respect and prosperity.