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Passion vital to beauty career — NationNews Barbados — Local, Regional and International News nationnews.com

Cosmetology students Sharrice Harrison (right) and Recee Mason giving Rochelle Welch and Ashlee Callender manicures during the Women’s Empowerment event. (Picture by Reco Moore.)

Cosmetology is not a career for dropouts. Rather, it’s one that many intelligent and passionate young people get into because of a sheer desire to make others smile and look good.

These were the sentiments expressed by several students on Saturday as they pampered people for free at the Lawns, Warrens.

This was one of the activities during the St Michael North Development Foundation’s Women Empowerment event hosted by Democratic Labour Party candidate Kim Tudor.

Caribbean Cosmetology Academy student Recee Mason has been passionate about hair and nails from age 14. She braided her…

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Meet World Wide Nate, a local showing us the beauty of Africa

What would you do if someone challenged your travel prowess? Threw down the gauntlet and said: I’ve traveled to over 80 countries on the globe. Can you do better?

If you’re Calumet City native Nathan Fluellen, you take that challenge (from then-professor/mentor Tennessee State University’s Galen Hull) and run with it, creating a brand for yourself and others (those living vicariously and those seeking inspiration).

Fluellen, 36, is World Wide Nate, the adventurer who’s been to 60 countries and counting. During his travels over the last 14 years, he’s taken readers and viewers with him via his blog, webisodes and finally a TV show on the streaming platform Urban Movie Channel (UMC). The series, “World Wide Nate: African Adventures” premiered last December,…

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Who wears Miss Africa Beauty queen crown today?

By Onozure Dania

The stage is set for the crowning of  the 1st Miss Africa Beauty Queen, as damsels from fifteen African countries storm Lagos today, to battle for the crown.

The pageant which is the maiden edition of an international pageant, Miss Africa Beauty Queen Pageant will hold at the Oriental Hotel,  Lekki. The beauty queens are drawn from Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Cape Verde, Burundi, Cameroun, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Gambia and Mali. These fifteen contestants are the finalist who emerged from the original 54, representing each African Countries.

Mr Chike Mordi, the Creative Director of the pageant at a press conference held yesterday in Lagos, said the maiden edition of the pageant is themed “Beauty, Peace and Unity”.

“This is an…

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Zimbabwe holds Miss Albinism beauty pageant to fight stigma, Africa News & Top Stories

HARARE (AFP) – Oozing charm and confidence, 22-year-old Sithembiso Mutukura beat 12 other contestants in Zimbabwe’s first Miss Albinism beauty contest aimed at reducing stigma and increasing awareness about the condition.

Friday’s “Beauty Beyond the Skin” pageant was held in a Harare nightclub, making Zimbabwe the second African country after Kenya to host such an event.

Many African countries have a dark relationship with albinism – a genetic disorder inherited from parents who both carry a faulty gene that prevents the skin from making melanin properly and thereby giving it colour.

They are hunted down in some African countries by witch doctors for their body parts which are used in potions to bring good luck or riches. Some are even kidnapped and sold by relatives out to make a fast…

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The beauty of Africa and why photography is like baking

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You are a billionaire, and you earned your wealth primarily from baking. Your company Holiland is one the largest bakeries in China. However, you are more known globally as a nature photographer and environmentalist. What would you say nature photography has in common with baking?

Baking brings sweetness and happiness to other’s life, and the photography shares the beauty of nature with people. Baking is my career while photography is my mission, what’s common between these two is the requirement of deep love from heart, to do it well.  

Wildlife and the environment are coming under pressure all over the world, but I presume you have a view of how the challenges in Africa are different from those in Asia and Latin America. Can you speak to that?


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Beauty Is A Mechanism

Beauty is a Mechanism

Beauty is a mechanism. It’s a tool that ANKH uses through Desire to encourage its creations to reproduce. Most people fail to understand this so they allow their psyche to be driven by their senses. We have classified this condition as being Desire Dependent. Afrakans must conquor this mechanism, our psychological stability depends on it. 

Desire Dependency is a condition that creates numerous psychological problems in people because the ideals of beauty are Eurocentric. Fortunately, beauty as a mechanism is not an existential problem for ANKH therefore humans are left to manage our psychological problems ourselves.

How is beauty a mechanism?

Beauty is a mechanism because our brain cells react to stimuli from the information that is captured by our senses. Some stimulation trigger the release of Dopamine in our brain to produce a sensation of pleasure. The memories of strong stimulation from such things as music, drugs, sex, and risk are stored in our Desire banks. We use them to satisfy ourselves in times of Want.

All races are susceptible to desire fulfillment based on beauty. Also, one particular physical characteristics that one race may consider attractive may not be considered attractive in another race. That means that beauty is subjective and whatever the characteristics that determine beauty in relation to race and culture are they all provide the same purpose to ANKH.

Beauty as a mechanism can be cross-racial and cross-cultural. As races naturally interact with each other race mixing will occur; sometimes out of curiosity but mostly because of desire manipulation. If left unchecked the physical characteristics that determine one race from another will eventually become indistinguishable. Some people may say that is a good thing for race relations but is it?

In a perfect world race mixing based on desire and beauty wouldn’t be a problem but this is an imperfect world we live in. People are actively engaging in racial prejudice and racial genocide every minute of the day in every country on the face of the Earth. If AfRAkan people are not conscious about preserving our racial identity we will definitely go extinct as a race.

The unconscious among us engage in cultural and racial genocide. They allow their weak minds to be manipulated by popular culture so they seek to breed with the dominant race because they think it will produce “better” offspring able to compete in the dominant race’s unethical culture. They attempt to diminish their Blackness by Bleaching their skin and burning the kink out of their hair with chemicals.

Fortunately there are Conscious AfRAkans who, though they might not recognize the intricate workings of ANKH, value their racial identity. They use mind over matter to rebuke the desire manipulations of popular culture. They value their dark skin, their kinky hair, and their unique physical features.

Recognize that ANKH is a conscious entity that uses beauty as a mechanism. Unconscious Humans have become susceptible to that mechanism and because they control popular culture and the tools to manipulate it, such as money and information, they also have power over your emotions.  

Become a conscious Afrakan by learning to fight the mechanisms of ANKH/Life. Black women and man; we must make a conscious effort to love ourselves. It’s the only way to return our minds to valuing the beauty of our people and it is one of the ways of ultimately preserving the longevity of the Black/Afrakan race.