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BBQ Becky lookalike ‘interrupts black cosplayers to call police’ in viral photograph

It’s sad to say, but one of the running themes of 2018 have been the string of white people calling the police on black people in America, purely for existing. 

The first high profile incident came after two African American men were arrested after a member of staff called the police on them because they were sitting in a Starbucks in Philadelphia and hadn’t bought anything. 

Second, there was the now famous BBQ Becky, who took it upon herself to call the police on a group of African Americans having a barbecue by a lake in Oakland, California. Their crime? Erm, enjoying themselves and having a barbecue…

The there was Permit Patty, who reportedly called the police on a young black girl in San Francisco. Her crime? Selling bottled water to raise funds for a trip to Disneyland. 


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Durham pub holds first ever ‘Taste of Caribbean’ rum and BBQ festival

THE Woodman Inn in Durham is hosting its first Caribbean-themed rum festival on Saturday.

Licensees Sean and Jean Quilty are encouraging guests to dress for the occasion in their best pirate and princess fancy dress.

In celebration of the Caribbean, rum brand Old J will be hosting a swash-buckling pirate bar in the Woodman’s pub garden.

A variety of rum-based cocktails and samples will be available to try including the Fruit Salad (Old J Cherry and Old Jamaican Pineapple Soda) or a more classic Cuba Libre (Old J Spiced and Cola).

There will also be food available, with a Caribbean-style BBQ on offer, and guests can also look forward to entertainment from acoustic singer Larry Page and plenty of reggae music.

Entry to the rum festival is free and there will be a host of…

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Baobab BBQ serves American smoked barbecue with South African flair on the North Side

American-style smoked meats are the focus at Baobab BBQ, a North Side restaurant opening this afternoon in Bowmansville from chef Andrew Dunlop. Dunlop serves brisket, St. Louis-style ribs, and roasted chickens pulled from his Cookshack smoker cooked with a medley of oak, hickory, and fruit woods. Dunlop is also pulling a few tastes from his native country and serving South African sausage and cured biltong.

“This is a very personal restaurant for me,” Dunlop said of Baobab at 2301 W. Foster Avenue.

Dunlop grew up in Johannesburg and has worked at a variety of Hilton properties, including one in Curacao. He’s always been obsessed with American barbecue. While developing menus he never had a chance to incorporate South African flavors which represents a mix of various African nations,…

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‘Thank you BBQ Becky:” African-American entrepreneurs say they’re rejuvenating Lake Merritt – Story

– Lake Merritt has been abuzz this summer with young entrepreneurs selling art, jewelry, African daishikis and organic juice. 

“You know, we’ve been out here ever since…” a woman selling peach cobbler and $2 bottled waters said on Sunday. 

She didn’t need to finish her sentence.

The “since” is post “BBQ Becky,” when a white woman identified in police reports as Jennifer Schulte called 911 in late April when she spotted two African-American men, Kenzie Smith and Onsayo Abram, using a charcoal grill at the lake in a non-designated spot. 

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How African American Visitors to Texas Figured out Where to Eat BBQ During the Jim Crow Era – Texas Monthly

On April 10, 1936, Tom Foward and Callie Lilly found themselves engaged in an eighty-mile late-evening chase with the local police. The African American couple from Dallas had fled an altercation at a service station in Richland, just south of Corsicana. As the Corsicana Daily Sun described it, the high-speed pursuit sounds like something out of a Hollywood summer movie.

Sheriff Rufus Pevehouse stated that he and [Deputy Sheriff Jack] Floyd gave chase on the highway and almost caught the speeding automobile near the underpass in North Corsicana, but that the roaring car, making approximately 100 miles per hour, drew away from the local pursuing automobile and disappeared within a few miles. After the alarm was radioed by Dallas police officials, a squad car gave pursuit south of Dallas…

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Hundreds in Oakland Turn Out to BBQ While Black

They arrived with chicken, sausages and bowls of macaroni salad. D.J.s played hip-hop and 80s hits. Even the fire marshal showed up, as well as police officers who waved hello to passers-by and guided traffic.

What once was a grand tradition in Oakland — a party at Lake Merritt along a placid stretch of the San Francisco Bay — had new life on Sunday, as locals gathered for a picnic called “BBQing While Black.”

“It was epic,” Logan Cortez, an Oakland schoolteacher and an organizer of the event, said. “It was a sea of love and blackness and food and fun.”

The event, which drew hundreds of visitors from around the Bay, was held in the wake of an episode on April 29, in which a white woman harangued two African-American men for grilling at the lake and called the police on them.


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