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How Do We Fit Into This Precious Miraculous Life?

How do we fit into this precious miraculous Life? This is a question that is asked daily by people in search of clarity and meaning.

“Search”, because no thought is ever brought into reality without a purpose. “We”, meaning Humans because although we are a part of Life and have a certain level of self awareness our vision is not quite clear so we think ourselves unspecial and not a good “fit” for the reality we live.

How do we live? We live day-in and day-out preoccupied with finding Happiness. And until we die we persevere by faith (mostly the blind faith of religion or wishful thinking) hoping for a better tomorrow but each tomorrow we say the next day will be “the day” when Life makes us Happy by revealing the answers to all questions we ask.

What is Life? Life is an entity whose only mission is to survive. Life learns as it goes and so far it has learned that in order to survive it cannot be stagnant in an environment that is as harsh as the world it exists in. Life survives therefore by self preservation and through the acquisition of knowledge.

“We” Humans are the sharpest tools in Life’s kitchen. But while we are fully entrusted with acquiring knowledge for Life, we are not trusted with its preservation. Life protects itself from Human Free-Will by an installed safety-net called Conscience.

We are the most self aware of Life creations. We are driven by chemicals in our Brain that control our emotions. Emotional stability is to be content and contentment requires a certain level of happiness. Have you ever heard the term “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”? That term relates to the mission of Life itself.

A pursuit begins at a point of wanting which is perfect for the tools that Life equipped us with for its pursuit of knowledge and our pursuit of happiness. Life’s tools are Curiosity and Risk while ours are Want and Desire for Happiness.

Some might say that Life is lost because of the condition of Humanity but I don’t believe it is. I have seen a video of a Snake trying to eat its own tail. Without enough awareness we are like that snake. We never become aware that we are consuming our own tail because limited self awareness makes us act without forethought.

If you are seeking answers to the many questions you ask about your precious miraculous Life why don’t you ask Professor MOmOh, the man who knows everything.


How to Stop the Spread of Ebola

Ebola is a disease that has killed thousands of people throughout countries in West AfRAka. Thousands more people have been infected while millions in the region are now living in fear of contracting the deadly disease. When a situation such as this happens it reveals a deep flaw in the society that many people do not or are too brain washed to recognize, greater awareness is the only way to stop the spread of harmful diseases.

What is Ebola? Ebola is a disease of which there is no known cure. It is a life form which lives off other life forms. We have thousands of foreign life forms living inside us and on our skin that over thousands of years have adapted to us. Some of those life forms help us while some are harmless to us. Ebola is just another life form that was introduced to us that our immune system hasn’t conquered yet. Unfortunately with the state of Spiritual disconnection the human body may never will.

Why is there no cure for Ebola? There is no cure because our awareness is closed to the real solution. Of course there are treatments, such as the one used by the American doctors but it is not been proven over time to be side-effect free. That is the way modern medicine works. They have to perform controlled tests throughout a wide population over a prolonged period of time. Then they either sell the treatment as a Drug or weigh the ethics of withholding the treatment from the infected against your conscience.

So let’s say there are those among humanity who have developed a treatment for Ebola but are not releasing it because they are unethical, racist, or capitalist. Then let them relish in their arrogance because Life is actively working on their conscience. Remember, conscience is a safety net to protect Life against “Human Stuff”. In the mean time there is another way that AfRAkans can stop the spread of Ebola.

How can the spread of Ebola be stopped? Increasing awareness is the key to stopping the spread of Ebola and any other deadly disease. The problem with Human awareness is stagnation due to religious and false belief. Too many people have abandoned knowledge for the comfort of religious belief.  Most AfRAkans now believe that an imaginary god will protect them from the Ebola virus.

If people would only return to using their common sense they would notice how many priests are dying from the disease. Do they think that they have more faith than those who have indoctrinated them with religious belief to assassinate their awareness? Everything in life works logically, action and reaction. Nothing works supernaturally unless it is of the Spirit and the Spirit does not deceive through its methods of communication.

Belief is a comforting tactic developed by the Right Brain that was not supposed to become a dependency in a balanced Brain. The Brain therefore, is currently stuck in an unbalanced state. We have become slaves to desire and alienated from the purpose of Life which is to learn and grow. The Dohgon University of Thought specializes in methods of retaking control of the Mind by reconditioning the Brain. It is the best way to open the Mind to knowledge so your awareness may increase to the point where you are once again guided by the Spirit.

ANKH’s Brain


Imagine ANKH as a Brain trapped in a paradox. This paradox is a space between awareness and consciousness. Awareness is a state of the Mind while consciousness is a state of the Brain. Can we be conscious yet not be aware? Yes, we can. This is evident by the mere fact that we do not understand what we are. Furthermore, I believe that the development of Life is currently stalled in that paradox, perhaps voluntarily.

Ask yourself, have we really taken the time to understand ANKH/Life? I know we have always sought answers to why we exist, selfishly omitting the rest of creation. In our quest we have created gods and other concepts that attempt to give reason and meaning to our existence. Why then are we not more advanced than we are now? Why do we still stumble around in ignorance? Could it be that we are searching in the wrong place?

There are trillions of Life forms on this planet, a small percentage of which are conscious. The level of consciousness varies from species to species with Humans being the most conscious. Humans are therefore classified as the vanguard species. Our attempt to understand our existence is only the beginning of our self awareness.

To date, all of our premature attempts at awareness have left us disillusioned. Some of us live by blind faith, believing that everything that happens to us is the will of our imaginary gods. Some of us strive for power and domination over everyone else by adopting a state of mind called “survival of the fittest”. And finally, some of us are so lost that we function with complete disregard for all Life including our own.

Fortunately Life understands that the best way to ensure survival is to diversify. That is why there are so many races of people. Do not be unwise to think that any one is more important than another. As AfRAkans we may appear to be at the bottom of the rung but we are Life’s first Human. All other races of Humans diversified from us. If you check it you will see that only AfRAkan DNA has the least mutation.


History has revealed that Humans have become a self destructive species. No other species kills for sport, greed, animosity, covetice, or malicious intent. Does that not create a default condition of fear in Humanity? Do you trust everyone you meet given the evidence of un-justness that is continually exhibited in society? Life may not be fully aware yet but it is a Brain and it is collecting information, learning, and growing albeit at a very cautious pace.

The problem with the pace of human development is that every time Life/ANKH has gained a level of awareness Humans have used the knowledge for destructive purposes. Thousands of years ago Humans migrated out of AfRAka. Colder temperatures in the northern regions of the planet affected certain internal processes in us which resulted in dramatic physiological and emotional changes in our behavior.

Where we once functioned with fairness, equity, and accountability we gradually changed to selfishness, survival of self, and a kill or be killed mentality. They say “necessity is the mother of invention”, well these new humans learned that survival required better weapons, bigger armies, and systems of obedience to those who garner the most power and influence.

When these Humans began to return to AfRAka it was to gain knowledge from their ancestors but eventually their selfishness and pomposity lead to systems of savagery, exploitation, and colonization. Life/ANKH recoiled in astonishment. They continued to engage in countless wars that have killed tens of millions. When Life gained knowledge of the atomic structure of matter, humanity used it to build the Atomic bomb and destroy 3 million more people in a split second.  Again Life/ANKH recoiled in astonishment.

“Conscious Life” is a description of an idea. ANKH is its name. It is a way of referring to the state of consciousness if Life were a living entity. As a collective entity Life can be considered a Brain that we should be helping to develop and grow into one day becoming aware. This can only be achieved through the diversification of knowledge. If however, we choose to continue on a self destructive path Life will have no choice but to “rinse and repeat” as it has done many times before.

Africans Must Stop Procrastinating


Understanding brings awareness, for to be aware is to be in control of one’s own destiny. The more aware one becomes however, it’s the more apparent it seems that humanity knowingly operates with a betrayal of wisdom. In order to save ourselves from all this confusion Africans, we must stop procrastinating. This may sound very philosophical but philosophy deals with subjectivity and subjectivity does nothing more than steer the mind away from awareness into a realm of confusion.

Life is pure, it doesn’t lie, and it is a thing that is objective. The process of living is a combination of both objectivity and subjectivity. When we procrastinate however, our minds become like giant nets that capture the subjective nonsense that flows like carbon monoxide from the process of living.

“Mayans Predict the World to End in 2012”, “Iran Developing Nuclear Bombs to Destroy the Earth”, “Mass killings Increasing”. I am not diminishing the importance of these daily news inundations but these things are all nonsense noises that get trapped in our procrastination net and steers our consciousnesses away from objectivity. That is because in a betrayal of wisdom we willfully neglect to analyze the root causes of Humanity’s ills. Instead procrastination comforts our laziness to seek greater awareness through knowledge and understanding.

How do we as Africans stop the procrastination? Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon University of Thought advises “stay away from philosophy and focus on truth”, but how can we when our consciousnesses are constantly being raked by the process of living? “Learning to concentrate is the answer to stopping the procrastination” he insists.  Procrastination relies on the senses but “CONCENTRATION is the ability to use The MIND, not the senses. When you use the senses, you focus and become limited and trapped. This is because the things that you focus on are material, so you become materialistic”.

Learning to concentrate properly will break your procrastinations. Africans, you can learn a very simple way to improve your concentration just by returning to your first culture, NUMBERS. Although we created Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus we are not talking about anything complex, we are talking about simple Natural Numbers arranged in a form that is designed to realign and strengthen your thinking ability by improving the communication of your two brain hemispheres.

If you are frustrated by the monotonous nonsense of the world that traumatizes your senses without providing any real answers then its time to return to numbers. Numbers are bound to neutralize the hypnotic rubbish and make you Spiritually and physically whole.