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Asian shopkeepers in Melbourne take matters into their own hands after African gang robbery

Street justice! Brave Vietnamese shopkeepers in Melbourne take matters into their own hands after African gang tried to rob their stores

  • A brave group of shopkeepers took matters into their own hands in Melbourne 
  • A group of youths of African appearance were confronted by the store owners
  • The confrontation- filmed by an onlooker -appears to be over attempted robbery

Sam Lock For Daily Mail Australia

A brave group of shopkeepers have defended their stores from a brazen daylight robbery attempt by a group of youths in a brawl which started over cigarettes. 

The dramatic footage shows the shop owners gathering outside their shop-fronts on Monday afternoon and defending themselves with chairs…

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County’s biggest increases in African-American, Asian populations

An explosion of two demographic populations has driven the greater Columbus area’s overall growth for most of a decade and changed the makeup of the community, according to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The latest American Community Survey, released in September, provides one-year data for the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Bartholomew County. The census data includes subject matters such as population, household income, poverty rates and educational attainment.

From 2010 to 2017, the Columbus metro area increased by 5,185 people, or 6.7 percent. But with the white population dropping by 574, or nearly 1 percent, all of the metro area’s gains are coming from minority residents.

The biggest gains, in both population and percentage increase,…

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DNA shows Baby June of African and central Asian ancestry

Death of Baby June now under investigation as a homicide. (WPEC)

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says it’s now investigating Baby June’s death as a homicide.

An off-duty Boynton Beach firefighter found the infant’s body floating in the Boynton Beach inlet six months ago. The baby had no bruises or marks on it, only a prick on her heel indicating she was born in a hospital.

Detectives say the body likely floating up the coast from Broward County based on the tide and condition of Baby June’s body, however the department says it could have traveled from even further South.

Monday, investigators said they used Parabon NanoLab services to obtain the infant’s DNA.

The results show Baby June is an even mix of African and Central Asian ancestry….

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Prevalence of pretreatment HIV drug resistance in West African and Southeast Asian countries | Journal of Antimicro…



ART in the developing world has moved to a new era with the WHO recommendation to test and immediately treat HIV-positive individuals. A high frequency of pretreatment HIV drug resistance (PDR) can compromise ART efficacy. Our study presents updated estimates of PDR in seven countries from West Africa (Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Togo) and Southeast Asia (Thailand and Vietnam).


Eligible study participants were adult ART initiators, recruited from December 2015 to November 2016 in major ART clinics in each country. HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) tests were performed for all specimens and interpretation was done using the Stanford algorithm.


Overall, 1153 participants were recruited and 1020 nt sequences were…

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Scientists angry at UK visa denials for African, Asian researchers

File photo of microbiologist Peter Piot of Belgium, who co-discovered the Ebola virus in Zaire in 1976. (AFP PHOTO/TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA).
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Asian Americans Suffer the Most from Racial Discrimination, Study Finds

Further analyses broke the results down by race to gain additional insights.

Surprisingly, African Americans were the least affected by racial discrimination across the three domains.

To explain this finding, the paper offers that due to a more heavily entrenched history of oppression in America, African American parents, and the community at large, engage in greater socialization efforts to prepare their children for racism compared to Asian and Latino families.

This rings true, at least anecdotally, for many Asian and Latino Americans, whose first-generation immigrant parents arrived in the country with hopeful hearts and the promises of the American dream firmly ingrained; in these households, racism tends to be an uncommon topic.

Perhaps for this reason, alongside the “perpetual foreigner”…

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