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UNSG urges African approach to dealing with refugees – SABC News

United Nations secretary general Antonio Guteress, has asked Western nations to emulate Africa and open their borders to migrants and refugees.

Guterres, who is in Ethiopia, held a meeting with AU Commission chairperson, Moussa Faki Mahamat, and pledged to support Africa’s peace efforts as one way of stemming displacements on the continent. He welcomed the South Sudan and Central African peace agreements, as well the restoration of relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

The UN secretary general told a news conference that Western nations have a duty to help African nations shelter refugees.

Guterres also pointed out that the world will need to pay more attention to climate change in order to stop the exodus of climate change migrants from the continent. This month’s AU…

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Teranga Takes a Fast-Casual Approach to Pan-African Cuisine

Teranga’s fonio.
Photo: Dina Litovsky

Ever since the phrase “the Chipotle of” went from convenient prefix to industry category, the fast-casual model has been applied to cuisines from Lebanese to Vietnamese. But this irresistibly scalable model has only just begun to infiltrate New York’s African-food scene, where restaurants tend to cater to expat communities who need no introduction to indigenous ingredients and traditional recipes.

Teranga, which is slated to open on February 9 at the Africa Center in Harlem, aspires to appeal to a wider audience. In the same way that the center’s exhibits and events are intended to celebrate Africa’s widespread…

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SA opposition threatens to approach ICC over Zimbabwe crisis

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South African main opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) has threatened to approach the International Criminal Court (ICC) if President Cyril Ramaphosa continues to “turn a blind eye” on the Zimbabwe crisis.

The DA has been calling on the government to intervene directly to stop what it calls gross human rights violations by the Zimbabwean government.

Zimbabwe was hit by anti-government protests last week after a hike in fuel prices stoked anger over an economic crisis. Several people have been killed after the protests turned violent in the capital Harare and second city Bulawayo.

“The DA strongly believes that the human rights crisis currently in Zimbabwe is of sufficient gravity to warrant an ICC investigation because, according to the Zimbabwe Human Rights…

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Commentary: The View from Europe: A new approach to tourism analysis is long overdue

David Jessop is a consultant to the Caribbean Council and can be contacted at
david.jessop@caribbean-council.org. Previous columns can be found at www.caribbean-council.org

By David Jessop

Since the mid-2000s, the ability of the Caribbean tourism sector to generate rapid economic growth has been widely accepted by international financial institutions such as the IMF, World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. This seems to have occurred at the point at which it became apparent that services exports were starting to eclipse the export of goods and commodities in much of the region.

Despite this, and the now widespread recognition of the centrality of tourism to the Caribbean economy, development institutions continue to struggle to find sound data on which to…

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South African law needs a zero tolerance approach to racist utterances

2018-10-04 05:00

Kelly Phelps

A “selfie” video rant has landed a South African man, Kessie Nair, in hot water. Nair faces six counts of crimen injuria and two of incitement to public violence after recording himself spewing racist language at the country’s President Cyril Ramaphosa. He has since apologised to the president.

But what is crimen injuria, and why is it being used in this instance?

Crimen injuria is a supple common law offence that has been applied to a diverse array of conduct. It’s a unique feature of South African criminal law, and focuses on the protection of dignity and privacy, rather than the protection of reputation, which is encompassed by the law of defamation.

It’s defined in South Africa as “unlawfully and intentionally…

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Tropical Storm Kirk forms in the Atlantic; will approach the Caribbean late next week

Kirk is expected to move west toward the Caribbean Ocean over the next several days. It may impact the Windward Islands as soon as Wednesday.
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