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Understanding White Supremacy

There is no people or culture in the world that the white man has not tried to conquor and rule throughout history. Conquest is in his nature and because of this he is often referred to as evil or the devil described in popular religion. His excuses are;

1) His god created him to rule.

2) he is at the top of an evolutionary process while others are degenerates.

Day by day however, more and more evidence is being revealed to disprove his false ideologies. The truth is, his power is product of human nature and not supernatural. Therefore, in order to understand white supremacy you first need to understand human nature.

Human nature is the characteristics of human behavior. It is how humans react to stimuli from the outside world through the senses and inside the brain. Two of the most influential hormones in the human brain are Melatonin and Serotonin. Both chemicals are neurotransmitters that regulate Neuron functions specifically in the releasing of Dopamine and Epinephrine into the Nervous-system. The difference between the two is that Melatonin is created by the Spirit in the Pineal Gland while Serotonin is created by the Soul using proteins and other chemicals.

What is Spirit and what is Soul?

These are things that Professor Momoh of the Dohgon University of Thought teaches to help people understand Life and the Universe. That is why in order to truly understand the white man you have to understand Spirit and Soul, two separate things. Spirit is the abstract omnipotent energy of the universe while Soul is the energy generated by living tissue. Melatonin is a healing, calming chemical while Serotonin is a mechanism driver that induces happiness resulting in irrationality, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), fear, paranoia, and anxiety.

Both hormones are important in balancing human nature however, the white man is influenced by the effects of Serotonin because his Pineal Gland, which balances Serotonin, has become Calcified and virtually dysfunctional.

How and why?

The white man was born unwanted and had to fight for survival because he is a product of Albinism. After migrating into the cold of Asia and Europe hundreds of thousands of years ago he degraded into savagery mostly because he couldn’t produce enough Melatonin to balance the effects of Serotonin that began to control his psyche.

Necessity is the mother of invention so he learned to conquer the environment, threats from vicious animals, and threats from others like himself who sought to invade his territory. He lived by a code of “survival of the fittest” in everything he did and because he had also become Desire Dependent undesirable physical traits faded until blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin became the standard of purity.

What do we mean by Desire Dependent? Notice that throughout history no other Race chose mates based on looks, most used pre-arranged traditions. Beauty as a mechanism did not originate with him but Life took over to compensate for his lack of Spiritual guidence.

Fortunately, Spiritual energy still reaches him and acts to reign in his Nature but the Ideology of conquest is still present and manifests in some white people as white supremacy. He hasn’t completely wiped out other races because the Spirit of the universe still acts to reign in his conscience but since he believes that he is the perfect human he also believes that he is morally superior to everyone else; an evident oxymoron.

Subsequently, he has influenced every culture he has come in contact with to function according to his ways simply because we are forced into survival mode against him. And it is because of a “survival of the fittest” mentality why most Black and AfRAkan people now depend on the production of internal Serotonin to function. We suffer cultural digression because now we function primarily to feed our Desires instead of solving our problems.

AfRAkans must break out of the spell of white supremacy. We give him power when we allow him to dictate and regulate our lives, be it through his religions, his economic systems, or his educational systems. Do not fear his technological advancements because Spiritual energy is infinately more powerful than creations of the Soul.       

Recognize that we need the Spiritual production of Melatonin to harmonize our inter and intracellular rhythms to increase our motivation to think constructively, productively, and creatively! Melatonin gives us joy and make us feel good about ourselves because it’s our neurotransmitter of reason, constructive communication, care, concern, patience and morality. Learn to de-calcify your Pineal Gland today.

No Time To Get High

no time to get high

“I don’t smoke Weed or Cess cause its bin known to give a brother brain damage and brain damage on the Mic don’t manage”

This is a lyrical quote from a song by the now very famous rapper/producer Dr. Dre. Has he followed that decree in the 30 years since he uttered those words? Who knows but even if he hasn’t, I don’t think it matters to him or most involved in the entertainment industry today. Weed smoking is more popular than cigarettes and with the laws surrounding Cannabis prohibition loosening up we can only look forward to higher levels of brain damage and Desire Dependency among Black people.

I, like most who grew up in the Hip Hop era have experimented with smoking weed at least once in my life. The pressures to be with the “in” crowd and be cool are too hard to resist. However, most of us grow out of the desire to be cool after realizing that getting high for recreational purposes is a waste of time.

Although it is illegal in most countries many people consider Cannabis to be a wonder drug. Many people profess that it relieves stress because it relaxes their muscles and calms their nerves. It is also known to relieve the nausea and pain associated with Cancer treatment. Some say it even helps them to think clearly and gain a deeper understanding of philosophical matters. Ingestable and absorbable forms of weed such as CBD are also gaining popularity. 

With so many benefits how could Weed be harmful? There is no doubt that Weed is beneficial in a lot of ways but too much of anything will make you an addict.

Addiction occurs when Neurotransmitters in the Brain responsible for releasing pleasure chemicals become damaged due to over firing. Damaged Neurotransmitters will keep calling (craving) for the active ingredient in the weed (THC) to make them trigger Dopamine, Serotonin and other pleasure chemicals. Unfortunately no matter how much Dopamine is released the Neurotransmitters will keep craving to be fired. Prolonged usage has also been known to cause anxiety, paranoia, and addiction in a lot of people.

Compared to its benefits some may say these are minor side effects however, the main problem with Weed smoking is that most Black people smoke it strictly for pleasure.

Too many of us are too preoccupied with self-gratification, self-pleasure, and time wasting. We are too unwilling to make sacrifices educationally in order to get ahead because we would rather get high. Then we blame others for keeping us down as a people not understanding that the true measure of a great people is the ability to recognize a problem and come up with useful solutions.

I’m learning my true purpose as an AfRAkan at the Dohgon University of Thought. That is why I have no time to get high.