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China reports first case of African swine fever in animal feed

China’s pork industry is under renewed pressure following the first reported African swine fever contamination in animal feed supplies, raising fears the disease will spread further across the country.

The discovery occurred during inspections at a major Chinese animal feed maker, prompted by a new outbreak of African swine fever on the weekend at a pig farm in Anhui province, southeast China, which ended a run of six weeks without incident.

On Sunday the major Chinese animal feed maker Tangrenshen Group reported the disease had been found in samples provided by its 51 per cent-owned subsidiary, Bili Meiyingwei Nutrition Feedstuff.

In a statement to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange the company said the origin of the contamination remained unclear and the matter was still under investigation.


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African Animal Rights Activists on 4,200KM Walk to Raise Elephant, Rhino Awareness

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Animal rights activist and researcher Jim Justus Nyamu on Saturday led a team of 10 on a walk from the Kenyan capital Nairobi to South Africa to raise awareness of elephant and rhino conservation.

The 4,200-kilometer (2609.76-mile) walk will be covered in 160 days.

Nyamu said: “Today we start the walk from Nairobi to Johannesburg. We want to cover a total of 4,200 kilometers. The objective of this walk is to create awareness about the plight of the African elephant.



“We need to find a common way of addressing the underlying challenges that include poaching….among other things.”

Nyamu said that the elephant and rhino populations in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe are worrying due to…

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Animal Rights Activists Slam Huntress for Killing ‘Rare’ African Giraffe That Isn’t Actually Rare

Brian Sedgbeer/Dreamstime.comAn American huntress who shot and killed a supposedly rare giraffe in South Africa is facing widespread backlash from animal rights activists. But the creature in question does not, in fact, appear to be all that rare.

Photos posted to Twitter last month by the South African media outlet Africland Post showed a woman posing next to a “rare” dead giraffe. “White American savage who is partly a Neanderthal comes to Africa and shoot down a very rare black giraffe courtesy of South Africa stupidity,” the outlet declared:

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Animal Keeper, African Rift Valley

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Animal Keeper, African Rift Valley

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (CMZ) is currently seeking a crazy good person to fill the position of Animal Keeper in our African Rift Valley exhibit. This is a full time benefitted position that requires a motivated, dedicated team player who is willing to make a significant commitment to the organization and is a great fit with our Zoo culture and this team.

A competitive applicant will be a highly motivated, passionate keeper to work with a wide range of African mammal and bird species. This person will be working in a close team setting to provide the highest quality care and husbandry for the animals as well as actively participating in training programs, developing shows, and creating Defining…

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South African Mohair Industry’s Response to Claims of Animal Abuse

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While we consider much of the report, and accompanying footage, to be factually incorrect and a misrepresentation of the South African Mohair Industry, some isolated issues have been raised and we have launched an investigation to address these issues directly and swiftly.

Over the past decade the industry has taken great care to ensure that sustainable production practices are introduced, accompanied by third party audits as of the beginning of this year. These third party audits will be expanded and done in cooperation with animal protection…

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Animal rights activists real enemies of African elephants

Emmanuel Koro Correspondent
History has taught us that racially driven motives do not produce sound decision-making but we have apparently learnt nothing from it.

In their ongoing attempts to lead the international ivory trade ban without consulting the African elephant range states, the animals rights groups have evoked the same racism driven strategies that were used centuries ago to enslave, impoverish and dis-empower the African people. The animals rights groups are famous for consulting their own people while ignoring black Africans. The insensitive decide the future of Africa’s elephants without reference to the people who are not benefiting from their elephants and ivory.

This is a live reminder of the racism of the 19th and 20th centuries.

While this is happening, there is a…

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