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The 4 AfRAkan Queens Have Something To Say To You

The 4 AfRAkan Queens have something to say to you

Be sure of yourself. Do not ever hesitate in whatever good you do. People will come and criticize the good in you, but there is a Future that you see that others don’t see. This is what your purpose is all about. It is to read your Future and make it is as effective as your Past was and your Present is… so that when the Future arrives it will be as clean as your Past and Present.

Your Future, then, will be like your Past and Present, in which you have control over what happens in your life.

We, at The Dohgon University of Thought, are very grateful to collaborate with GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen, who is the creator of the Ancestor Bottles™ that are displayed above. Those ancestors are:

Muana, Kailondo, Lana, and MTHR TANG. These ancestors represent a collection of Spiritually Magnetic artwork by GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen. We, The Dohgon, are now introducing her artwork to the world.

If you own a gallery, museum or other institution… or you run a movie or anime studio… we encourage you to contact The Dohgon University of Thought and Goddess Mother so that we can make arrangements for your gallery, studio or institution to benefit from these creations by presenting them to a much larger audience.

Contact us at:
AncestorBottles@DohgonUniversity.com with your desire to make these Spiritual creations available to humanity. Address your email to GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen.

Interview With GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen, creator of Ancestor Bottles™

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