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WERE: Africa’s nuanced view on China

Ideas & Debate

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping during the opening of an expo in Shanghai, China, last year. PHOTO | PSCU 

Last week, Dr Lubinda Haabazoka, president of the Economics Association of Zambia, wrote an insightful article in Bloomberg reflecting on Zambia’s relationship with China.

He made several interesting points, the first of which addressed the asset seizure narrative that Europe and North America have espoused with regards to China’s activities in Zambia. This narrative argues that the Chinese government deliberately traps African governments with unsustainable debt to seize their national assets such as strategic infrastructure.

He reiterated what the Zambian government had already…

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Africa’s tourism grows with travel to Tunisia, South Africa, Kenya — Quartz Africa

With over 1.3 billion travelers on the move, the world experienced the highest growth in international tourist arrivals since 2010. Much of the rebound was spurred by gradual economic growth plus a strong demand for outbound travel from all markets across the world.

And as data from the World Tourism Organization now shows, African countries saw the highest growth average compared to any other region in the world. International tourist arrivals in the continent are estimated to have increased by 8.6% compared with a global average of 7%. That translated to almost 63 million visitors who brought in $37 billion to the continent in 2017.

Visitors were especially drawn to North African countries where European holidaymakers are gradually returning after terrorist attacks took a heavy toll on the…

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A Vintage Yacht for Africa’s Thanda Island

Over the Rainbow of LondonThanda Group

If you’re one of those travelers whose life won’t be complete until you’ve sailed the coast of Africa on an African Queen-style ship, have I got a yacht for you. She’s called Over the Rainbow of London. Custom-built in 1930 for Scottish magnate W.G. Hetherington of Glasgow by the Welsh Yard Dickie & Sons, she was built as a motor yacht with a mandate for maximum levels of luxury and comfort. Constructed in teak-over-oak frames, she was originally christened Janitha IV and spent her early years cruising around the Scottish coast with Hetherington, his family, and friends.

The lounge on Over the Rainbow of LondonThanda Group

The yacht is a classic 115-foot four-berth wooden motor yacht that spent…

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Why Africa’s ageing leaders are keeping a close watch on DRC power struggle | World news

After a tumultous week, the streets of the cities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are likely to be quiet on Sunday as congregations file into churches to hear priests and preachers call for the Lord’s blessing on a troubled land.

Few doubt that the DRC is at a critical moment. The long-delayed elections that were finally held on 30 December could still be a turning point, leading the resource-rich nation to a better future. Or they could send the vast central African country, which has not known a peaceful transfer of power since it gained independence from Belgium in 1960, back into anarchy.

Supporters of Martin Fayulu, a widely respected former business executive and parliamentarian, accuse Félix Tshisekedi, leader of the DRC’s biggest opposition party, of doing a deal with…

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Selling Africa’s good news stories

Anywhere in the world, freelance journalism is an extreme career choice. The job requires withstanding pitch rejections, ignored queries, stolen story ideas, and delayed payments. It means reconciling oneself with the economic precarity that comes with having little or no leverage in pay negotiations. But for African freelance journalists, covering the continent presents its own set of unique challenges.

In Nigeria, for example, most media companies need diligent editors, seldom publish incisive features and analysis, and struggle to compensate their staff due to lack of funding. Kenyan media entrepreneur and former CNN anchor Zain Verjee recently bemoaned the reluctance of African billionaires and governments to fund and implement policies that support African media startups, even…

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South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa urges action against ‘rape crisis’

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Cyril Ramaphosa urged all men in the stadium to stand to condemn violence against women

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has urged men to unite against rape and sexual assault in the country, calling it a “national crisis”.

Women were being raped and killed on a continuous basis and it was time to end gender-based violence, he said.

He made his impassioned plea while launching an election manifesto for the governing African National Congress.

Some 40,000 rapes are reported every year, though this is thought to be only a fraction of the real total.

The president asked men…

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