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Green Book helped African-Americans find welcoming places in Western Pa.

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“Carry your Green Book with you … you may need it!”

That was not an empty advertising slogan in the decades from the 1930s to ’60s in the United States, where Jim Crow laws reigned in the South and de facto segregation was observed in the North.

In many cases, the savvy African-American traveler turned to the Green Book to find a place to stay or eat or get other essential services.

The traveler’s guide, now the subject of a major motion picture, started out in 1936 as a 16-page pamphlet and, by 1962, had become a 128-page book. Its listings included hotels, motels, gas stations, restaurants, “tourist homes,” barber shops, beauty salons and other businesses that were guaranteed to serve black…

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African-Americans who made political history in New York

For the first time in history, the New York state Legislature is led by two African-Americans – Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. That fact qualifies 2019 as a landmark year, but black lawmakers have been trailblazing both city and state politics for a long time – from Constance Baker Motley, the first African-American woman elected to the state Senate in 1964, to the state’s first black governor, David Paterson, who took over in 2008. To mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day, City & State assembled a list of New York’s notable black political pioneers – all of whom show the progress that’s been made and the work that’s left to be done.

Edward A. Johnson

In 1917, Edward A. Johnson was the first African-American elected to the New York…

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61 years later, for the African-Americans who integrated LSUNO, memories still sting

Josephine Eli Clements remembers the spitballs.

When she thinks about it now, she puts a hand up above her shirt collar and feels where the welts once rose while she sat in her lab class in the hangars of what was then LSUNO’s campus. The spitballs came fast, flying from the back of the classroom to sting the space below the hairline at the nape of her neck.

And they came because she’s black.

Clements was the first of 55 African-American students to register for classes at the newly opened Louisiana State University at New Orleans campus in September 1958. She reached out to the Latitude by NOLA.com team after columnist Jarvis DeBerry wrote about the state’s so-far failed efforts to create a Civil Rights museum. We asked for those with stories of the Civil Rights Movement in New…

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NAACP blasts CBS News for having no African-Americans on 2020 election team

The NAACP on Tuesday blasted CBS News for putting together a 2020 presidential election team that is devoid of black reporters.

“CBS News’ decision to not include Black reporters on their 2020 Election news team further proves the voting power and voices of Black America continue to be undervalued,” the NAACP said in a statement.

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Why The Government Shutdown Has A Disproportionate Effect On African-Americans

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NPR’s Ari Shapiro talks with Guardian reporter Jamiles Lartey about the shutdown’s disproportionate effect on African-Americans, who make up more of the federal workforce than the workforce at large.

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CBS News Slammed for Lack of African-Americans on Political ‘Embed’ Team – Variety

CBS News has come under fire for a lack of African-Americans among its core team of on-the-ground reporters and producers set to cover the 2020 presidential campaign cycle.

Criticism of CBS News began to build during the weekend after associate producer Ben Mitchell tweeted a title card featuring images of CBS News’ “political embed unit,” composed of eight 2020 campaign reporters and four associate producers, including himself. The group does not include any African-Americans in either role. Among the eight reporters, four are persons of color: Musadiq Bidar, a native of Afghanistan, Alex Tin, Jack Turman and Stephanie Ramirez. CBS News is still in the process of assembling its on-air correspondent team for the election.

Christopher Isham, CBS News’ Washington bureau chief, called…

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