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New Afro-Conscious Social Network

afro conscious social network

Humanity is entering a new era of consciousness known as the Age of Aquarius. In this new age all lies, deception, and false information will fade away. A new Afro-Conscious social network has been launched to encourage the condititions of the new era and to ensure that Black and AfRAkan people are not left behind, 

The aim of the Afro-Conscious social network is to provide a space where conscious minded Black and AfRAkan people can gather to develop solidarity on numerous issues we face as a people in society and the world at large. They also aim to erase the ideologies that enslave most Black people’s minds while helping us to view the world from a Afrocentric perspective. Ultimately returning Black consciousness to recognizing and respecting Ankh-Life as the master.

The owners and operators of Afro-Conscious social network are Black. They recognize that the Lives and social condition of Black people will never improve if Black people do not take control of their own Minds. Black people have become the most susceptible to every form of deception and manipulation from religion to consumerism; all because we don’t engage in enough critical thinking.

A person becomes conscious when he/she is able to properly decipher information in an efficient manner that benefits their life and longevity. The operators of Afro-Conscious know that the sharing of information and ideas is the best way to develop consciousness. Furthermore, discussion develops thoughtfulness, which also in turn develops ones consciousness.

The overall awareness of Black people is increasing with the help of social networks. The primary beneficiaries are not Black people even though we spend countless hours on them. Making money for their creators and not for real social development is the real objective of most social networks . By using member information to sell advertising space, Facebook makes billions of dollars per year. Designed to help college students connect and share information, Facebook quickly transformed into a information gathering and advertising network. 

It’s time for you to stop your oppressors from using you. If you are a Black person who craves to voice your thoughts and opinions regarding the condition of the Black AfRAkan race or if you would just like to know what the Black conscious community is all about then exercise pride for your AfRAkan ancestry and conscious mindedness and join Afro-Conscious social network today.

▼Due to several hacking attempts Afro-Conscious Social Network has been temporarily closed. It will be relaunched on a more secure platform in the near future.