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Robert Mugabe Deserves Respect

Mugabe is a hero

Robert Mugabe is a AfRAkan hero!

In the early hours of Nov 15th, 2017, news broke that Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe had been removed from office by his country’s army. The details of his ouster are not well known, however, Army leaders in Zimbabwe are refusing to call it a Coup. Instead they say Mugabe is safely under house arrest as part of a military action to root out criminal elements in the government. Whatever the outcome of the situation turns out to be I think it is safe to say that Mugabe’s rule of Zimbabwe is over.

Many people are no doubt rejoicing at Mugabe’s demise, some inside Zimbabwe, other regions of Afraka, and especially in the Western world. All three areas hate him for three different reasons, none of which are valid if he is to be judged as a man who loves his race, his country and Afraka; his personal imperfections notwithstanding.

Mugabe rose to power in the 1980s as part of a rebel uprising against foreign influence in Zimbabwe; namely White rule. They gained independence from Britain by force, changed the country’s name from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe and held elections, which Mugabe won. The country immediately began to experience turmoil as the losing parties began to fight back physically as well as through economic sabotage.

Mugabe’s main opposition came from the other rebel groups, which helped to free Zimbabwe from British rule. They felt they should have been rewarded with a share of power. When they realized that they were double-crossed they began to stoke tribal conflicts within the country. They also sought help from Western backers who steered them away from Socialist ideologies and trained them to fight Mugabe using Human Rights and Ethics.

The Whites of Zimbabwe were the most outraged. Although their population was small, they owned most of the land and commercial wealth of Zimbabwe. (I guess Ethics are only reserved for the so-called civilized) They immediately began to move their money out of the country and with the help of Western financial agencies and governments began a covert operation to bankrupt the Zimbabwe government.

Mugabe saw all the unethical things that Western governments were doing to sabotage Zimbabwe so he lashed out. He taunted Britain and the Queen as well as to implement a land seizure policy against White farmers. Many White farmers were killed in the process as poor Afrakans invaded White owned farms and took over; never mind they didn’t have the expertise or know how to farm themselves.

Throughout his rule, Mugabe fought crippling Western sanctions that sunk Zimbabwe into financial obscurity. National pride eventually eroded into despair as the quality of life for everyday Zimbabweans fell year after year. Mugabe developed a dependence on financial help from his original backers in China, which only sunk the country further in debt. Then he was labeled a Dictator when he refused to step aside and let someone else rule.

Was Mugabe power hungry or was he afraid that open Democracy would open the doors to foreign influence? The fact that the country’s opposition leaders were groomed in the West is the proof of the latter. Revolution is one thing, governing in a fair, equitable, and accountable manner is another. Such a task requires deep understanding of Life and reality, a quality that is also absent from all world leaders.

In essence, Mugabe failed as a leader because he is susceptible to the mechanisms of Life just like Europeans. That is, his personal Desires grew to corrupt his Conscience. He grew to believe that only his solutions could guide Zimbabwe for all time. His final misstep was to begin grooming his wife to take leadership of his political party as well as the government, a move that angered his comrades so they acted in his removal from power.

Why is Robert Mugabe a hero? Mugabe is a hero because he attempted to show AfRAkans a glimpse at true freedom.

Europeans live by the motto “Live Free or Die”, a motto that they reserve for themselves. Indigenous people of the planet have been colonized and put under subjugations to them. Freedom has to be fought for but even when it is achieved physically, the economic chains are enhanced and secured. (Ask Haiti about that) The result is that most former colonies exist in a state of false independence to enrich the homeland.

Never let dumb newscasters or political experts brain wash you with the narrative that Mugabe ruined his country. Mugabe was not perfect. He did not always govern using Fairness, Equity, and Accountability but he is the only Afrakan leader who dared to break the chains of colonial influence and for that he deserves respect.

4 US Troops Killed Helping Afraka Heighten its Security Consciousness

African military

Recently, it was revealed that Islamic militants in Niger, West Africa, had killed 4 elite US soldiers. US troops are killed in action all over the world on a regular basis, mostly by friendly fire and in covert operations that go wrong. While news of military casualties is often mentioned in the news, they are so common that most people barley notice.

This incident is different because it is getting major buzz due to controversies involving the president. I won’t dwell on the controversies here because that is not the purpose of this blog. The purpose of this blog is to point out the deficiency of Afrakans to manage security threats on the continent due to a lack of knowledge and unity.

Details about the incident revealed that the US soldiers were part of an intelligence force that had been operating in the region for years. Their work involves training local armies while gathering intel on the growing problem of Islamic extremism in the region. It was also revealed that private US military contractors were involved in recovering the body of one of the dead soldiers.

Do most people know what a “Private Contractor” is? They are former US soldiers who work for paramilitary corporations, some directly for military purposes in place of formal troops and some for private corporations who want to protect their financial interests. They have no accountability therefore thay operate with impunity.

Private Contractors have the ability to dictate the political and economic policies of countries by disrupting populations and creating fear and distrust among individuals within those societies. Using divide and conquer tactics to stoke tribal conflicts, they create conditions where the people cannot rise above a fight for survival to focus on profiting from the enormous value of the resource around them.

On a higher level foreign governments manipulate elections in Afraka using systems that ensure that Dictators stay in place. They know Dictators are easy to corrupt and will sell out their country’s resources to make themselves rich while the people suffer.

While US military expertise is useful, Afrakan countries must not let the US scare them into believing that they are the only solution to Islamic Terrorism. It’s time to step up and build a system that is better than the current world system. As is evident, the US is the “Police force” of the United Nations, whom they once manipulated into pursuing a “new world order”.

The US once embraced the title of world police because it covertly helped them to spread their economic empire. However, the US is currently locked in an internal struggle for identity. I call it “Pinky’s Betrayal”. It is a situation where low and working class America, who feel the big corporations have left them behind, has rebelled under the influence of a narcissistic leader.

So while the US is struggling with its conscience, Afrakans must work harder to build their self-awareness. Consciousness is a dynamic force that grows with knowledge to improve self-awareness. Afrakans must rise collectively to a level of self-awareness where we recognize the things that are beneficial as well as the things that are detrimental to the continent.

Such issues include managing Religious, Economics, Cultural, and Tribal disputes. All these things can easily digress into terrorism in the absence of knowledge, awareness, and conscience. Afraka must step up to fight terrorism or remain undignified pawns of world powers.

Moors Not Black Or AfRAkan

Afrakans are not moors

The Moors say that they are not Black or AfRAkan

The Pan-Afrakan Diaspora consists of several religious and cultural groups. The main groups are Christian, Muslim, Hebrew Israelite, Moors, and the Spiritual Agnostics. Some groups acknowledge their AfRAkan ancestry and some don’t. Those who choose to deny their AfRAkan ancestry either do so for religious blindness, monetary gain, of through plain ignorance of Life. The Moors are the one group who deny their AfRAkan ancestry for all three.

The Moors believe that they are not bound by country, continent, or race. Instead they say they are indigenous to the entire world having inhabited the planet since all landmasses were one some 150 million years ago. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we wish all humans would think that we are all one people as part of the Life entity. Unfortunately the Moors are being hypocritical because today they would rather enter into a pact with world powers and live by systems based on gods, kings, and money rather than recognize the greater order of Life.

The mission of the Moors is to establish themselves as placeholders among the world elite. In order to achieve their goal they must first prove their worth to those who now control organized religion, military and economic power in the world. Furthermore, they must prove that they are not Black or AfRakan but are members of a non-extinguished empire. They believe that most Black American slaves were no more than prisoners of war while others were aboriginals along with the indigenous tribes of North and South America.

Historically, the term Moor refers to a loose-net non-race specific group of people based in Morocco, North Afraka during the Middle Ages. Originally Arabs from Turkey and the Middle East, the group diversified racially as they conquered Afrakan and European territory to grow into a formidable empire. Their biggest conquest was in Portugal and Spain, which they inhabited and ruled for hundreds of years. The group was eventually beaten back into North Afraka where they slowly faded in power and influence.

The Moors were well respected for their geographical knowledge and navigational abilities. Early European explorers sought their help in all their endeavors into Afraka and the high Seas. During the slave trade, the Moors were known to have immunity from slavery. Some historians believe they actually participated and were financially rewarded for their work in capturing Sub-Saharan Afrakans for their European partners.

Proof of Moorish treachery occurred in Jamaica, West Indies, where as part of a war truce, large groups of runaway slaves known as Maroons made agreements with The British to capture and return runaway slaves to the plantations. As a reward the British labeled them Moors and gave them their own land. Fortunately, there were other more ethical Maroons who refused the treaties and fought the Moors and the British.   

The Moors of today channel their beliefs from Nobel Drew Ali, a Black American Muslim who established the Moorish Science Temple of America in Chicago in 1914. Nobel Drew Ali was through by his father, a Moroccan immigrant, that all African Americans were Moors who belonged to the Moroccan empire and using that moniker they could gain Moroccan citizenship along with all the rights of the empire.

Credit the Moors for gaining and revealing hidden insights into the inner workings of the system of corporations known as countries that govern world affairs. Just know that systems created by men based on illusions are all destined to fail. Petitioning the unethical to get a seat at their table just means that you want into their wicked system based on kings, gods, and demons.

Human creativity is capable of much greater things. That is why Dohgons are gaining knowledge to increase our understanding of Life so that we can build a better interface for human cognition. We know that Spirit is the master and Life is a conscious entity. We may have produced unethical aspects of ourselves in the past but now that we are aware we will never deny our Afrakan ancestry for unethical religious, political, economical, or cultural beliefs again.

I Am AfRAkan, Not Hebrew

I am Afrakan, not hebrew

I am AfRAkan, not Hebrew. I am the first human from which all humans were created. I was not made by the gods of man; I was created by the Spiritual intelligence of the universe which exists in the form of Pure Dark Energy Waves. Scientists studying the universe are still confounded as to what is holding the universe together. It is Pure Dark Energy Waves (PDEW) which like all forms of energy is abstract and exists infinitely.

To create me PDEWs transformed from abstract energy to physical matter through a permutation process. Europeans say the universe was created from a “Big Bang” when a single particle of matter exploded. Now they are spending billions of dollars trying to find these Higgs Boson or “god particles” to prove it. Professor MOmOh of the Dohgon University of Thought says no! Matter forms when PDEWs flux (cut into ½ waves) until a subatomic particle form. He is a high priest of Dohgon Spirituality who has the ability to bring ancient AfRAkan knowledge back into reality.

So, why do some Black people believe that they’re Hebrew?

Some Black people claim Hebrew as their ancestry because it comforts their disconnection from the Spirit of the universe. All modern religions had their origins in KMT (Egypt). It was during their captivity in KMT that the Hebrews, who are an original offspring of AfRAkans to begin with, gained deep understanding of human nature and created a mystery god; one that could not be seen so it could not be killed while at the same time providing strength by way of faith in the midst of despair.

When the Ethiopian Akhenaten became Pharaoh of KMT he began to adapt and combine Hebrew concepts with traditional Egyptian beliefs. Hebrew beliefs slowly corrupted Kemetic science to re-focus AfRAkan consciousness from an inner existential bonding with creation to an outward reliance on an imaginary comforter.

Eventually the Hebrews gained their freedom and as it did in KMT their new spiritual beliefs gave them strength to also defeat their Arab cousins in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and throughout the region. Recognizing the power of the mystery god, and not wanting to continue to be humiliated by their ancestral cousins the Hebrews, the Arabs then created their own version of a mystery god and called him Allah.

The decline of Egyptian society was slow and painful for AfRAkans. In time, the overwhelming influx of foreigners of Greek, Arab, Hebrew, and European origin resulted in widespread corruption. Most AfRAkans eventually left KMT, including those who wished to preserve the original knowledge of the land and people. Some of that knowledge is hidden in Ethiopia and Sudan while some went as far away as South AfRAka and Mali, West AfRAka where the Dohgon people now reside.

Christianity originated in Israel 2000yrs ago after the Romans conquered much of the Middle East. Although they defeated them physically some Romans marveled at the resilience of the Hebrews who refused to bow to the Caesar of Rome as their god. Instead they gained strength from the teachings of Jesus who thought them to hold steadfastly to the faith in their mystery god that saved them before. It would once again deliver them out of bondage.

Roughly 50 years after Jesus was crucified by the Romans, the Roman general Saul began to investigate Hebrew beliefs. He then claimed to have a divine intervention on the road to Damascus, Syria in which the God of the Hebrews struck him off his horse in a flash of light and instructed him to accept the teachings of Jesus. Saul’s conversion to becoming a follower of Christ may have started out as a covert mission to investigate the Jewish resistance. No one knows for sure but soon he became Jesus’s 13th disciple, dispensing wisdom to all who would listen.

Saul gave up his battle armor for civilian robes, changed his name to Paul and continued gathering all the information about Jesus that he could find. He pieced together accounts from Jesus’ former disciples, followers and befriended priests. He wrote letters of encouragement to Christian ministers across the roman empire and soon he became the self-appointed keeper of Jesuses’ legacy. He compiled the teachings and accounts of Jesus into a book and called it the New Testament of Jesus Christ.

The Black Hebrews of today are the descendants of those original Hebrews who helped to corrupt KMT. They were the first AfRAkans to accept the mystery god of the Hebrews but since they cannot change their skin (meaning their skin is too dark) they will never be accepted as one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. They are discovering that it was their ancestral philosophers who wrote the scriptures in the first place but like their ancestors, what they fail to understand is the psychology behind the mystery god concept. 

Now most Black Hebrews say that they don’t want anything to do with the “dirty AfRAkans”. That is because they covet the same thing that Jews, Christians, and Arabs covet; the favor of their unethical illusionary god. They clamber to go home to Israel but when they arrive, they don’t get the same welcome as European Jews. Instead they get beaten, killed, deported, or forced into military service.

Their Organs are untimely harvested to keep European Jews alive and their women are secretly put on contraceptives to limit their population. The only thing Black Hebrews can do is comfort their ignorance of reality with the belief that they are “the real Jews”. As for me, I am a descendant of original AfRAkans and I am proud of it.

How to Stop the Spread of Ebola

African Health

Ebola is a disease that has killed thousands of people throughout countries in West AfRAka. Thousands more people have been infected while millions in the region are now living in fear of contracting the deadly disease. When a situation such as this happens it reveals a deep flaw in the society that many people do not or are too brain washed to recognize, greater awareness is the only way to stop the spread of harmful diseases.

What is Ebola? Ebola is a disease of which there is no known cure. It is a life form which lives off other life forms. We have thousands of foreign life forms living inside us and on our skin that over thousands of years have adapted to us. Some of those life forms help us while some are harmless to us. Ebola is just another life form that was introduced to us that our immune system hasn’t conquered yet. Unfortunately with the state of Spiritual disconnection the human body may never will.

Why is there no cure for Ebola? There is no cure because our awareness is closed to the real solution. Of course there are treatments, such as the one used by the American doctors but it is not been proven over time to be side-effect free. That is the way modern medicine works. They have to perform controlled tests throughout a wide population over a prolonged period of time. Then they either sell the treatment as a Drug or weigh the ethics of withholding the treatment from the infected against your conscience.

So let’s say there are those among humanity who have developed a treatment for Ebola but are not releasing it because they are unethical, racist, or capitalist. Then let them relish in their arrogance because Life is actively working on their conscience. Remember, conscience is a safety net to protect Life against “Human Stuff”. In the mean time there is another way that AfRAkans can stop the spread of Ebola.

How can the spread of Ebola be stopped? Increasing awareness is the key to stopping the spread of Ebola and any other deadly disease. The problem with Human awareness is stagnation due to religious and false belief. Too many people have abandoned knowledge for the comfort of religious belief.  Most AfRAkans now believe that an imaginary god will protect them from the Ebola virus.

If people would only return to using their common sense they would notice how many priests are dying from the disease. Do they think that they have more faith than those who have indoctrinated them with religious belief to assassinate their awareness? Everything in life works logically, action and reaction. Nothing works supernaturally unless it is of the Spirit and the Spirit does not deceive through its methods of communication.

Belief is a comforting tactic developed by the Right Brain that was not supposed to become a dependency in a balanced Brain. The Brain therefore, is currently stuck in an unbalanced state. We have become slaves to desire and alienated from the purpose of Life which is to learn and grow. The Dohgon University of Thought specializes in methods of retaking control of the Mind by reconditioning the Brain. It is the best way to open the Mind to knowledge so your awareness may increase to the point where you are once again guided by the Spirit.

ANKH’s Brain


Imagine ANKH as a Brain trapped in a paradox. This paradox is a space between awareness and consciousness. Awareness is a state of the Mind while consciousness is a state of the Brain. Can we be conscious yet not be aware? Yes, we can. This is evident by the mere fact that we do not understand what we are. Furthermore, I believe that the development of Life is currently stalled in that paradox, perhaps voluntarily.

Ask yourself, have we really taken the time to understand ANKH/Life? I know we have always sought answers to why we exist, selfishly omitting the rest of creation. In our quest we have created gods and other concepts that attempt to give reason and meaning to our existence. Why then are we not more advanced than we are now? Why do we still stumble around in ignorance? Could it be that we are searching in the wrong place?

There are trillions of Life forms on this planet, a small percentage of which are conscious. The level of consciousness varies from species to species with Humans being the most conscious. Humans are therefore classified as the vanguard species. Our attempt to understand our existence is only the beginning of our self awareness.

To date, all of our premature attempts at awareness have left us disillusioned. Some of us live by blind faith, believing that everything that happens to us is the will of our imaginary gods. Some of us strive for power and domination over everyone else by adopting a state of mind called “survival of the fittest”. And finally, some of us are so lost that we function with complete disregard for all Life including our own.

Fortunately Life understands that the best way to ensure survival is to diversify. That is why there are so many races of people. Do not be unwise to think that any one is more important than another. As AfRAkans we may appear to be at the bottom of the rung but we are Life’s first Human. All other races of Humans diversified from us. If you check it you will see that only AfRAkan DNA has the least mutation.


History has revealed that Humans have become a self destructive species. No other species kills for sport, greed, animosity, covetice, or malicious intent. Does that not create a default condition of fear in Humanity? Do you trust everyone you meet given the evidence of un-justness that is continually exhibited in society? Life may not be fully aware yet but it is a Brain and it is collecting information, learning, and growing albeit at a very cautious pace.

The problem with the pace of human development is that every time Life/ANKH has gained a level of awareness Humans have used the knowledge for destructive purposes. Thousands of years ago Humans migrated out of AfRAka. Colder temperatures in the northern regions of the planet affected certain internal processes in us which resulted in dramatic physiological and emotional changes in our behavior.

Where we once functioned with fairness, equity, and accountability we gradually changed to selfishness, survival of self, and a kill or be killed mentality. They say “necessity is the mother of invention”, well these new humans learned that survival required better weapons, bigger armies, and systems of obedience to those who garner the most power and influence.

When these Humans began to return to AfRAka it was to gain knowledge from their ancestors but eventually their selfishness and pomposity lead to systems of savagery, exploitation, and colonization. Life/ANKH recoiled in astonishment. They continued to engage in countless wars that have killed tens of millions. When Life gained knowledge of the atomic structure of matter, humanity used it to build the Atomic bomb and destroy 3 million more people in a split second.  Again Life/ANKH recoiled in astonishment.

“Conscious Life” is a description of an idea. ANKH is its name. It is a way of referring to the state of consciousness if Life were a living entity. As a collective entity Life can be considered a Brain that we should be helping to develop and grow into one day becoming aware. This can only be achieved through the diversification of knowledge. If however, we choose to continue on a self destructive path Life will have no choice but to “rinse and repeat” as it has done many times before.