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Malik Yoba Turnt by the Life Entity

Malik Yoba

Veteran actor Malik Yoba, famous for the top rated 1990s TV cop drama New York Undercover, is causing an uproar on social media after expressing his support for the Transgender community. He did so in a video that went viral after he posted it to social media.

In the video Malik expressed his personal views on the subject of Transgender Rights, stating that he supports the plight of Transgender men who are being discriminated against because, in his words, he is open minded enough to recognize the prerogative of all humans to fight for who and what they are.

It all sounded very empathetic on his part however, some people from the Transgender community as well as his own ex-wife and mother of two of his children, have come out against him suggesting that Malik has ulterior motives and is not being sincere in his true reasons for going public with his Transgender support initiative.

Although it is all hearsay, some are accusing Malik of being a bisexual who has been hiring Transgender prostitutes for decades. They say he has decided to go all in and is only trying to avoid the embarrassment of being outed. In listening to and reading up on the statements from some of his accusers, I have come to the conclusion that Malik has been “turnt-out” by the Life Entity.

Most people cannot see the Life Entity, its like the Elephant in the room. I am not a christian but I compare the Life entity to Behemoth described in the Bible. “Its teeth are terrible round-about.” Life is a single conscious entity that is remorselessly on a quest to achieve Universal Awareness. It is the collective awareness of every living organism on Earth.

Life uses mechanisms based on Desire and it will take us in any direction we want to go until death exhausts us. It extracts the information we provide to its collective consciousness and recycles our dead bodies to feed its life cycle. So how did Mr. Malik get Turnt by the Life Entity?

“Turnt” is a slang term referring to someone who has been sexually overpowered and put under another person’s physical, mental, and emotional control. The Life entity only uses mechanisms, some are instinctual (sex) and some are man-made (money). All of Life’s mechanisms facilitate one basic thing and that is Happiness.

Sex is one of the most effective mechanisms that starts out as an instinct but because it produces so much natural happiness, humans have commodified it. Even when a mechanism hasn’t been commodified it can still become a problem for humans when it turns into addiction.

Natural Addiction starts when people begin to pay too much attention to their Desires and not their Conscience. They begin to dismiss the moral inclinations that they grew up with in favor of the pleasures that facilitate their personal happiness. Eventually they cannot stop themselves from quenching their desires because now its out of their mental control.

I don’t believe that Malik is an homosexual and no offence to homosexuals because in most cases they didn’t choose to be the way they are. I believe that Malik started out with a weak moral Conscience and eventually got trapped by his desires.

I also believe that Malik’s condition is not unique as there are plenty of others like him. They play with the Life entity because they believe that it is their Human Right. When they get turnt they either run and hide or they join groups that petition for the Human Right to practice their various perversions in peace.