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Beware of Spirit Killers

Beware of Spirit killers. They encourage slothfulness.

Have you ever seen someone who lives in a dirt hut with no toilet, running water or electricity but he has the latest Apple iPhone? This scenario is a common sight in many developing countries. A developing country is classified as one where workers earn little to no income and the country itself lacks economic self-sufficiency.

Therefore, most 3rd world countries are lagging way behind 1st world countries, economically and technology wise. There are many advantages and disadvantages to such a condition. A lot of people in developing countries see their technology deficit as a major advantage because new technology makes their life easier and they don’t have to develop it themselves.  

The problem with 3rd world countries depending on 1st world technology is that 3rd world people will never get to exercise their Minds by engaging in the creative process. When everything you need in life is provided for you, you become dependent and Slothful. Eventually you become disconnected from the Spirit of Life.

Spirit is the creative force behind the universe. It cannot be destroyed so when we say, “kill”, we are speaking metaphorically to mean stiffled, dulled, or made redundant. Everything in nature functions by tapping into the same creative Spirit to survive and thrive at all costs. The world is a harsh environment that if humans were not a creative species we could never have survived this long.

Black people in developing countries need to put more emphasis on developing their own technologies. When Black people in developing countries keep depending on foreign technology those technologies become Spirit killers. That is because it makes Black people lose their creative instincts and they become Slothful.

The most infamous Spirit killer is Religion.

Religion encourages Black people to depend on Faith through all our adversities in life. Black people have a history of being disadvantaged. We survived colonization and slavery only to enter a system of worldwide cultural genocide. Many areas of Afraka continue to experience drought and starvation while war and violence along with economic and political corruption is a plague to every predominantly Black nation.

All these hardships in life have produced generational psychological trauma in Black people. The result is that we have become easily depressed, fearful, untrusting, and pessimistic about life in general. Without available options, conscientious Black people have turned to religion but the only solution that religion offers is to have Faith that a god is working on our problems.

When nothing seems to change year after year and decade after decade, our preachers now tell us to forget about life and expect a paradise in the after-life. That is the hope that keeps most of us going when our sons turn into killers and our daughters turn into prostitutes.

Unfortunately, “Faith” is fake inspiration that pretends to give hope when in actuality; it’s really a Spirit killer. Now even when you try to teach religious people how to use religion to prosper it doesn’t work because Black people are too fooled by Faith. That’s why the only people benefiting from religion are its leaders because only they enjoy all the luxeries of life while they’re still living.

Black people need to regain the Spirit of Life. Unfortunately not many people can see Life. It’s like the “Elephant in the room”. Life is all around us. It’s in the air, the water, and the soil. Life is viruses, bacteria, insects, animals, tree, and us. Where do our food and our medicines come from? Life. Stop looking into the clouds and space for a savior and learn to work with Life.