Surinam Airways must end mid-Atlantic route and focus on the Caribbean, says aviation expert

By Ray Chickrie
Caribbean News Now contributor

PARAMARIBO, Suriname — Surinam Airways (SLM) cannot compete with KLM on the Paramaribo-Amsterdam route, and hence the company needs to get rid of its A340-300 and outsource the route as a joint venture, focusing instead on where SLM can have a competitive advantage, “And that is the Caribbean right now,” the ‘aviation doctor’ Tomas Chlumecky suggested.

On the mid-Atlantic route, Chlumecky suggested that SLM seek a joint-venture with TUI or Turkish Airlines (TK). For example, TK can fly Istanbul-Amsterdam and then Paramaribo as a joint venture and split the profit, using a B777 or B787, and forget about wide body airliners.

Chlumecky has called on SLM to focus its renewal plan on expanding into Brazil, Guyana, Aruba,…

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