Supply, Delivery and Installation of Network Equipment at AUC HQ

Description of Equipment

Technical specification and minimum requirement


1 Enterprise Core Switch C9500-40X- A
Catalyst 9500 40-port 10Gig switch, Network Advantage
2 Supply and installation of Cisco Any Connect licenses (1,000 users) Licenses redundant on two Cisco ASA Firepower Remote access for roaming users 2
3 Supply and installation of five (5) years URL filtering licenses on the four (4) ASA Firepower devices Licenses redundant on four Cisco ASA Firepower URL filtering protection to increase security level 4
4 Network access control tool
ISE licenses Network Access Control 2

The African Union Commission has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the “Support for Capacity Development of the African Union Commission and Other African Union Organs Project…

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