Stunning pictures show the African savannah being taken over by trees and shrubs

Silvermine, Western Cape. Photo Jay Cowen/1999 and John Watermeyer/June 2016. Click on the triangles to slide the picture to one side or the other.

Forests around the world are disappearing. Since 2000, roughly 20% of Africa’s forests have been wiped out. But, according to research by Zander Venter, a UCT agroecology PHD student, trees and shrub appear to be fighting back – at the cost of African savannah. 

Venter analyzed satellite imagery from as far back as 1986 and compared them with South African grasslands today.

“Many of these species are gradually encroaching into grasslands and savannas across Africa, particularly in places like Cameroon and the Central African Republic,” wrote Venter in an article in the Conversation.

Zander Venter. Photo supplied.

“We found…

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