Study: Chronic fare evaders pose challenge for TriMet, but ‘systemic racial bias’ unlikely

The report showed a spike in one area: fare officers classifying 2,706 incidents as occurring with a rider of “unknown” race, a nearly three-fold increase over the previous report. Enforcement officers, using their perception, register a passenger’s race on their report. Renauer said the data don’t show that increase correlated to unfair enforcement, but he said it may represent a training issue that should be addressed.

Systemwide, TriMet continues to see remarkably high numbers of passengers believed to be riding without paying a fare.

According to the study, the estimated percent of MAX riders who don’t pay rose to 16.6 percent in 2017, up more than 2 percentage points from 2016.

Kelsey, TriMet’s general manager, said the agency has about 60 fare enforcement officers but. is…

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