Stolen African donkeys sate Chinese demand for traditional medicine | Africa | DW

Akasoma James lives in Doba, a small city in northern Ghana. Like many other locals, he owns several donkeys. The animals are vital for him to earn a living: they pull the plow in his fields and, being much cheaper than any vehicle, can be used a means of transport.

But for some time now, James has feared for the safety of his animals. In Ghana and many other African countries, the demand for donkeys has exploded in recent years — and rising prices have also led to an increase in thefts. “They have often attempted [to steal] my donkeys. Even in the house, in the yard. One time they came [at] midnight and they took them all away,” James told DW.

The reason for the sudden demand, however, has nothing to do with the market in Africa, but in China. There, a traditional remedy has experienced a…

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