South Sudanese-Australians report racial abuse intensified after ‘African gangs’ claims | World news

Young South Sudanese-Australians faced increased racial abuse and felt police profiling “intensified” because of “disproportionate” media coverage after a Melbourne riot two years ago, a study has found.

The report, by the Centre for Multicultural Youth and Monash and Melbourne university researchers, examined the impact of “increased racialised crime reporting” following the riot at Melbourne’s 2016 Moomba festival, which police blamed on the Apex crime gang.

From focus groups with 28 young South Sudanese Australians between the ages of 15 and 23, the study found participants “felt racial profiling by Victoria police had intensified” and they reported an increase in the racial abuse they experienced on the street and at schools.

That coincided with a huge increase in…

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