South Africa’s Reluctant Vigilante | South Africa

Amid spiralling crime and violence in the marginalised South African township of Galeshewe, local resident Pantsi Obusitse has formed a vigilante group called Operation Wanya Tsotsi. The group has set about administering its own DIY brand of justice with a focus on corporal punishment.

“People were angry; people couldn’t take it any more. We went out with machetes, spades. Every weapon that is there. We were carrying weapons. We went out to hunt these boys. Because we know them, who are terrorising our communities,” says Pantsi Obusitse, chairperson of Operation Wanya Tsotsi.

“We had to take an approach that is abnormal, because we are facing an abnormal situation.”

Despite its controversial methods, Operation Wanya Tsotsi has gained widespread support within Galeshewe and demand for the…

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