South African sledge a tumour on the body of cricket

Geddit? Geddit? GEDDIT? No, me neither.

They have no care for her, no care for him, no care for their children, no care for the spirit of cricket, nothing.

So, could anything be more appalling?

Yes. That would be for South African cricket officials, who should be better than that, to join in the “joke,” to think its funny, to pose for photos with those wearing the masks.

Do they have rocks in their head? What were they thinking?

So is Australia blameless in the whole piece? No, we bloody well are not.

Because when they hold the World Sledging Olympics, we could send our cricket team, and very likely win “Gold, Gold, Gold for Australia”. We more or less invented the sport nigh on 50 years ago, we’ve refined it over the years, we know all the angles – delighting in making those angles…

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