South African paddler to be part of book printed in space

Last year‚ Bertish became the first person to stand-p paddle across the Atlantic Ocean. He paddled from Morocco‚ Africa‚ to Antigua in the Caribbean‚ covering a total distance of 7500km. He covered the distance on his own – and without assistance – in 93 days.

“I think that a lot people thought that what I was doing to paddle across the Atlantic was crazy. It was crazy‚ but it was possible. Anything is possible with the right planning and preparation and a mindset to be able to follow through‚” Bertish said.

Bertish is also the author of two books‚ with a third one coming out next year.

For the 3D book‚ Bertish has to write a 250-word essay. A limited number of copies will be printed and distributed globally.

Not wanting to spill the…

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