South Africa racist rant video: Adam Catzavelos apologizes

In the video, Adam Catzavelos described an unidentified beach as “heaven on earth” because there were no black people around and also used a derogatory term for black people widely known in South Africa as the k-word.

“I have watched my video and feel total shame. It is hard to put into words what I want to say and genuinely apologize.” he added.

The family company, Johannesburg-based St George’s Fine Foods, may also have suffered from Catzavelos’ racist statements as at least one company, the Baron Group, said it stopped doing business with the manufacturer of sauces and marinades.

The hashtag #AdamCatzavelos trended as people used Twitter to condemn his comments, with some sharing his personal and work details as well as those of his wife, Kelly Catzavelos, who South African media says works…

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