South Africa farm seizures: Ramaphosa warns UN ‘land will be shared by all’ | World | News

Speaking to the UN earlier today, Mr Ramaphosa said the government of South Africa is still carrying out consultations to carry out the much-discussed land reform. 

He said: “Nelson Mandela’s vision continue to guide us as we seek to improve the lives of our people in many ways.

“We have started a comprehensive dialogue on the question of land reforms, as we seek ways to guarantee the land is shared by all.”

Last month Mr Ramaphosa confirmed his ruling African National Congress (ANC) would try to pass a constitutional amendment to allow for the expropriation of white-owned land without compensation. 

According to government figures, privately-held farmland owned by white South Africans accounts for 72 percent with four percent owned by black South Africans.

The overall population of country is…

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