South Africa farm seizures: IMF gives ‘FULL SUPPORT’ to controversial farm policy | World | News

The support from the IMF will be subjected to the way the reform is carried out, according to the IMF’s senior resident representative in South Africa Montfort Mlachila.

Mr Mlachila specified the move must not damage farm output to ensure South Africans continue to have reliable food supplies.

He told Reuters: “We are in full support of the need to undertake land reforms in order to address the issues of inequality.”

Adding the IMF is not an expert on land reforms, Mr Mlachila said: “There is need to have a transparent, rules-based, and constitutional process that leads to desirable outcomes. 

“It is particularly important not to undermine agricultural production and food security.”

A system of institutionalised racial segregation, known as Apartheid, ruled over South Africa between 1948 and…

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