Sorority’s racially charged comments lead to calls for campus-wide ‘sensitivity training’

After some racially charged comments were overheard at a University of New Mexico sorority during a “welcome” event, students and staff are calling for “sensitivity training” across the board.

Remarks allegedly overheard by African-American students at the Kappa Kappa Gamma house include “black people get away from me” and “black people stop wearing grills.”

Brandi Stone of UNM’s African American Student Services said the comments “essentially […] came down to not feeling safe around black people.”

KRQE reports UNM students were “appalled” upon hearing of the comments.

“That’s wrong, it shouldn’t have happened, period,” said UNM student Keith Flynn.

From the story:

“It’s very small minded of them to say or even think, and it’s pretty brave of them…

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