Shyft Blockchain Network, Barbados’ Bitt Partner to Create Safe Data Ecosystem in the Caribbean

Shyft And Bitt Have Partnered To Create Safe Data Ecosystems In The Caribbean Region.

Shyft has announced a partnership with Bitt to provide a secure data ecosystem for the Caribbean region. Shyft is a global network of information that provides a blockchain based ecosystem for secure and safe sharing of private data among consumers, institutions and government agencies. Bitt is a Barbados based company that enables P2P trades through its mobile money platform mMoney.

As a result of the partnership, Bitt will become part of a safe ecosystem that utilizes Shyft technology to transfer data. Shyft’s network allows the financial establishment to act as trustworthy sources by executing verifications and sharing the information with customers. The two companies intend to leverage their…

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