Shrek And Pirates Of The Caribbean Writer Criticized For N-Word Tweets

Writer-producer Terry Rossio is facing backlash for tweets equating calling someone anti-vaccination with calling them the n-word. Rossio is best known for writing or co-writing the screenplays for such family friendly films as Disney’s 1992 Aladdin, plus Shrek, The Lone Ranger, Godzilla vs. Kong, and multiple Pirates of the Caribbean movies. His controversial tweets came during a vaccination debate with The CW’s The 100 writer Julie Benson.

Terry Rossio’s use of the full n-word in the context of the anti-vaccination movement was met with a strong response. He continued to reply to Julie Benson on the topic, adding the n-word again in a follow-up argument:

The conversation got increasingly heated due to the addition of the n-word, but this is not the first time celebrities have weighed in…

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