Sherikia L. Hawkins serves her community with dedicated passion

Sherikia L. Hawkins is the first African-American City Clerk of Southfield, Michigan (Source: Facebook Sherikia L. Hawkins)

Sherikia L. Hawkins is making history as the first ever African American city clerk of Southfield, Michigan. Known as “the center of it all,” Southfield is a suburb outside of Detroit of which 75% of the population is African American. Driven by an innate desire to excite her community about civic engagement, Hawkins has worked in public administration for over 13 years. She takes pride in using unconventional methods to engage the community. Humble yet ambitious ,she plans to remain accessible while promoting initiatives such as voter education, and a boot camp for women who aspire to run for public office. 

A firm believer in giving back, she is active in…

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