Sen. Bill Nelson Could Ride the Andrew Gillum Wave to Victory in Florida

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida—Bill Nelson is just along for the ride.

Just a few months ago, Florida’s senior senator was floundering. He was struggling to motivate some of the minority groups, namely African-Americans and Hispanics, that are crucial for Democratic campaigns in Florida, leaving strategists concerned about whether the 76-year-old former U.S. Army captain and astronaut could fend off a challenge from the state’s Republican governor, Rick Scott.

But along came Andrew Gillum—almost out of nowhere—to salvage Nelson’s political career. Gillum, a 39-year-old African-American who has served as the mayor of Tallahassee since 2014, has single-handedly lifted Democratic candidates up and down the ballot ever since his shocking victory in the Democratic gubernatorial primary on…

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