Seen as an embarrassment to a white college, this thriving African-American community was destroyed in 1923

Until the 1980s, not much was known about the history of Quakertown in Denton, a former middle-class black neighbourhood, except for the strides of the all-white women’s college found around the area.

Historical accounts state that in the late 1870s, in the years following Reconstruction, about 27 families arrived in the small agricultural community in north-central Texas to not only escape the former owners who pressured them to return to the plantations but also to forge a better life.

In the new settlement, found two miles south of the Denton Square, these Southern black families harvested logs from the surrounding woods, built their own cabins and created the first community for themselves.

The community would later relocate and settle along the banks of the Pecan Creek…

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