SC appointed panel rejects years-old plan to introduce African cheetahs in India | india news

An ambitious, if woolly headed, scheme to introduce cheetahs from Africa to India to compensate for the extinction of a different sub-species of the big cat in India at least 50 years ago, may finally be dead with a Supreme Court appointed panel advising against it last week.

Amicus in the case ADN Rao submitted the report prepared by the Central Empowered Committee based on peer reviewed papers on cheetahs by Kelly Marnewick of South Africa, LL Marker of Namibia and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and said India does not have “required habitat and prey density” to support cheetahs. He accused a government-run research institute of “incorrectly compressing” data to get the approval of the apex court to seek the reintroduction of the big cat from…

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