Say goodbye to the Pirates of the Caribbean bride auction at Disneyland – Orange County Register

Disneyland is preparing to nix the familiar scene on its Pirates of the Caribbean ride where captive, tied-up women are auctioned off as brides, presumably to pirates, as it will be shut down temporarily starting April 23 to make the switch.

As visitors riding in small boats enter the scene currently, they come upon a sign that reads, “Auction: Take a wench for a bride,” with a line of most unhappy looking women waiting to be sold, and one voluptuous red-haired woman vamping for the crowd, under the watchful eye of an elegantly dressed auctioneer.

The new animatronic scene will show the same saucy redhead, but now she’ll be a female pirate overseeing an auction of local loot, instead of the former scene in which she was the loot.

The Redhead in the auction scene of Pirates of the…

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