Saving Mount Pleasant’s last African-American school costs $200,000. Only $10k has been raised. | News

MOUNT PLEASANT — Instead of standing by as Long Point School — the educational center of the Snowden community from 1904 to 1953 — fades from memory, groups are working to move, restore and convert the building into a community center.

But it won’t be inexpensive.

The Snowden Community Civic Association and the African-American Settlement Community Historic Commission are trying to raise $200,000 to move and restore the school as a cultural and educational center for today’s residents of the Snowden community.

About $10,000 had been raised as of Friday evening. At least $28,000 is needed to physically move the school. The 4-acre site where the school rests is up for sale. 

Thomasena Stokes…

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