Saskatoon bannock shop owner offers African doughnuts with local label

Does fried bread have the power to bring people together?

A new pastry shop in Saskatoon’s Riversdale neighbourhood seems to be finding success using the delicious allure of the doughnut to bridge the area’s diverse cultural backgrounds. 

I was like you know what? Let me bring a new vibe here too and then people will get to know about African pastries as well.– Maureen Ojwang

When Maureen Ojwang started cooking mandazi, a type of African doughnut,  Saskatchewanians pointed out a similarity with a different type of traditional food.

“Every time I gave them my pastry, they are like oh this is bannock,” Ojwang said.

And so she started calling her mandazi by the local name.

“It’s almost like being in Africa, expect it’s in Saskatoon.”

When Maureen Ojwang would offer African donuts to friends…

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