San Francisco Bay View » ‘Black Panther’ inspires pride in Africa and being African

by Andre Spencer Anderson-Thompson

Michael B. Jordan plays Killmonger and Chadwick Boseman plays T’Challa in “Black Panther.” – Photo: Sydelle Noel, © Disney-Marvel Studios

The most revolutionary aspect of the film “Black Panther” is the mere fact that it showcases the beauty, history, relevance and capability of being simply Black and proud. I relate this strongly with the stigma many Black Americans have towards Africa, mainly visible in the lack of interest in visiting the vast continent of 54 countries. Moreover, the plague of insecurity that rests in Black people with their appearance and desire to look more European.

The film, which is long overdue, superficially and intentionally embraces Black beauty and the elegance of African culture through art, fabric and color….

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