Saharan Dust Spreading Hazy Skies Across Caribbean and May Reach Texas By This Weekend

  • A widespread area from the Caribbean to Africa has been engulfed by Saharan dust this week.
  • The dust is contributing to hazy skies in the Caribbean.
  • Some of the Saharan dust may reach Texas by this weekend.

Dust from the Sahara Desert has spread across the Caribbean this week and may funnel its way into Texas by the weekend.

The massive plume of Saharan dust stretched from Africa into the Caribbean on Wednesday. You can see the plume in this NASA model simulation illustrating aerosols in the atmosphere, in this case, Saharan dust.

The black box highlights the plume of dust from Africa to the Caribbean. Greater concentrations of dust are shaded green and yellow. (NASA GEOS Model Total Aerosol Optical Thickness)

Visible satellite imagery also presented a clear view of the dust plume…

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