Ruaha: The African National Park You’ll Have Almost All to Yourself

At 7,800-square miles—roughly the size of New Jersey—Ruaha is Tanzania’s largest national park, 40 percent bigger than the much-better-known Serengeti. But it gets a fraction of the visitors: While the Serengeti sees around 350,000 safari-goers a year, Ruaha draws just 20,000.

The meager tourist count doesn’t mean there’s less wildlife or fewer extraordinary landscapes. On my recent trips—staying at Asilia Africa’s new eight-suite lodge



The first truly luxe lodging in Ruaha

Asilia Jabali Ridge and Nomad Tanzania’s pioneering six-tent camp Kigelia Ruaha —I discovered this wild, rugged realm delivered big game and big views, with no pesky crowds.

Ten percent of Africa’s lions live in Ruaha—it’s hard not to see them here, and impossible not to hear them calling as you…

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